Is It Time To Rebrand?

House of Forme
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It is vital to market one’s brand identity and image correctly if one is to drive consistent business and achieve success.

It is common for business owners to tunnel-vision on company logistics; generating revenue is of utmost priority, and often smaller details can be left ignored. Yet, an effective brand design can potentially give time back, as it passively creates traffic. These are five reasons to rebrand your business.

1. Your Current Brand Identity Is Out Of Date

With the speed at which the modern world is advancing, trends go out of popularity rapidly. Designs that were once fashionable may not even be relevant after several months, let alone years. In order to stay on trend, businesses must rebrand to retain their spot in the market.

2. You’re Losing Customers

The decline in customers is typically due to a decrease in brand popularity, which happens naturally as time goes by. In turn, this directly impacts the brand’s marketing and identity; rebranding may give new life to your company brand, attracting new customers and increasing brand loyalty.

3. Your Company Scope Has Changed

As a brand grows, the scope of the business changes. Whether it be due to a change in target demographic or an opportunity to expand into a new market, a rebrand is necessary to better target the new target audience. As your business evolves, its brand must also change alongside it in order to adapt.

4. The Market Is Becoming Saturated

When there is a decrease in demand, competition increases. To stand out from the crowd, it may be necessary to rebrand your business with a new appearance to provide your company with an edge over the existing market.

5. Your Business Is Growing

When a brand grows, it’s important to also redefine the company’s values; strengths should be retained, and weaknesses shed away. This further strengthens your brand image, guaranteeing safe growth as your business attracts a new and larger demographic.

If your company falls into any of the above reasons, House of Forme offers free consultations as part of our service. Feel free to reach out to us to discuss more.