Joshua Chin Presents at Ezra Firestone’s Blue Ribbon 2020

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Invited by Ezra Firestone himself, Chronos Agency’s CEO—Joshua Chin—describes his experience as a guest speaker at Ezra’s Blue Ribbon 2020 event.

Kicking open the doors to 2020 with a big event invite from Ezra Firestone himself! Joshua Chin—CEO and co-founder of Chronos Agency—was invited as a guest speaker for Ezra’s Blue Ribbon Mastermind event.

This event was held in the Don CeSar Hotel’s Grand Ballroom in Saint Petersburg, Florida last January 9 and 10.

Starting 2020 With a BANG!

What better way to start the new decade than by gathering eCommerce’s head honchos. This is a gathering where stories of past experience lead to advice for future growth were shared and widely welcomed by entrepreneurs young and old.

Notable speakers included Josh Elizetxe (Founder of SNOW Teeth Whitening), Laura Palladino (Social Media Strategist), John Grimshaw (Traffic Marketing Director), Arri Bagah (Founder and CEO of Conversmart), and many more!

Josh described the whole experience as exciting and engaging. The event was filled with high-level eCommerce businesses, all of whom were open and welcoming to one another. This environment where knowledge and experience interacted and intermingled was what made this event shine. Josh also noted how empowering it was for him to be a part of such a driven community.

He added that it was also a super valuable experience for him. The event broadened his perspective and mindset as he learned more about the experiences of other like-minded people.

A High Energy Introduction to Email Marketing

Right after Ezra presented his topic  “How to Get the Most Out of 2020,” Ezra invited Josh onto the stage. His topic: “Recreate Our $831k BFCM Week with Our Highest Converting Email Tactics.”

Josh is a straight-up TECHNICIAN—tactical, technical with how to make more money from email. —Ezra Firestone

Josh started his presentation by sharing some fun facts of his humble beginnings into the world of eCommerce email marketing back in 2017.

Among the highlights of his presentation were the results Chronos Agency helped achieved for their clients during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale last 2019. He also highlighted how the Chronos team implemented his 6-Step Sales Sequence to achieve those results through email marketing.

And I figured: You know what? If I have so much time in school and tons of free time, I might as well make use of the time to build something for myself. —Joshua Chin

Josh came face to face with a hall of 7 to 9-figure eCommerce businesses. While intimidating at first, they were all open and ready to learn more about email marketing. Josh described his experience as a guest speaker for this event to be valuable. He shared how it was an opportunity to perform and develop his speaking skills. And while doing so, it was also another opportunity to reinforce and share what Chronos Agency is all about.

Because Josh’s presentation was full of actionables and data backed by case studies, the audience described his presentation as valuable and satisfactory. They also highlighted how Josh showed real examples instead of only theories.

The Fireside Q&A segment was Josh’s favorite from the event. The segment had Josh Elizetxe and Ezra Firestone talking about their brands’ history, growth, and success.

The main takeaway: Thinking outside the box pays off BIG TIME. The best ideas typically come from things that you’ve never done before or things that you’ve done but not within the industry. It is always important to have a broad mindset.

Masterminds Inspire the Master’s Mind

The Blue Ribbon Event by Ezra Firestone inspired Josh to approach everything with a  broader mindset. Meeting and mingling all these eCommerce businesses opened a lot of new client relationship opportunities. Which also meant more speaking event opportunities in the future. This got Josh into thinking of hosting his own event sometime in the future.

This is only the beginning of a new decade! And we’re already seeing countless opportunities to continue to grow and develop as one of the world’s leading email marketing agencies. An open mind with the willingness to learn is one of the key traits a business must have to reach success.

AB test your assumptions! Because the best ideas might come from things that you least expect. —Joshua Chin

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