Laravel VS Codigniter Where Your Allegiance Lies

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Both of these PHP frameworks are the subject of discussion for quite a while for development jobs.

The utilization of the PHP frameworks turned into an impulse for building redid answers for the business from the most recent couple of years. PHP framework is an advanced arrangement that gives adaptability in organized coding. There are numerous PHP frameworks on the lookout, and among them, Laravel and Codeigniter are the most prominent one.

Both of these PHP frameworks are the subject of discussion for quite a while for development jobs. Laravel and Codeigniter are regularly contrasted with discovering which one is better. This post will discover everything about Laravel and Codeigniter, from using contrasts to the correlation.

What Is Laravel?

Laravel Development is an open-source, generally utilized web application structure. It is utilized to improve the errand of advancement for web designers by caring for regular tasks. A portion of these errands of web projects are caching, session, authentication and routing.

Laravel accompanies modern and express linguistic structure. Under the MIT permit, it is delivered, and its source code is facilitated on GitHub.


  • Extends the version control system that boosts streamlined managing of migrations
  • It upholds DBMS stages like PostgreSQL, SQL Server and MySQL.
  • It provides modular packaging with composer oriented dependency manager.
  • This system accompanies an auto-stacking highlight to stay away from manual support.
  • Laravel helps in producing new tools with a LOC holder.
  • It offers magnificent documentation highlights to help web engineers from complex cycles.
  • Support for the high level ActiveRecord and Eloquent ORM
  • This platform also offers features like blade templating engine and supports artisan command with sample code line interface.
  • This PHP framework permits website specialists to carry out restrictions among different DBM objects by employing an advanced query builder mechanism.

What Is Codeigniter?

Codeigniter is an amazing web application structure. This stage best suits the designers who need a straightforward toolbox to fabricate a full-highlighted web application. Codeigniter is an incredible choice to make dynamic web applications by utilizing PHP framework. It gives full opportunity as it doesn’t rely on MVC improvement designs. Furthermore, it empowers third party plugins that help in executing complex functionalities.

What Makes Codeigniter Useful:

  • PHP framework is a simple debug that allows developers to identify errors in the development job quickly. This platform can extend PHP coding to get distinct functions via frameworks.
  • Codeigniter development works in harmony with the majority of the servers, various operating systems and platforms.
  • This PHP platform is a great way to employ modular programs.
  • This platform offers exceptional performance and presentation.
  • It provides security features such as remote code execution, XSS attacks, and SQL injection.
  • This platform also ensures no interception from any group to access accounts on the same session.
  • It offers flexible URI Routing and supports for Class Extensions and Hooks.

Main Points of Differentiation:

1. Template Engine:

Laravel has Blade as the default template engine. The syntax is traditionally inspired by the ASP.NET Razor syntax and offers a more clean way to write templates. The syntax is just a part; the primary benefit of employing blade than flat PHP is to make it convenient and more comfortable to split templates and reuse templates.

Laravel comes with a built-in template engine whereas with Codeigniter, web app developers require to employ a powerful template engine and integrate it with the framework to attain everyday tasks. The built-in template engine helps web developers to optimize the performance of the website app promptly.

2. Database:

Both Laravel and Codeigniter continue as before in regard to the Database. Both the stages offer reconciliation for Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, ORACLE, DB2, and PostgreSQL. Alongside these apparatuses, Codeigniter likewise upholds MongoDB, OrientDB, Microsoft Bi, and JDBC. This just means Codeigniter is supporting a larger number of databases than Laravel.

Laravel permits web designers to utilize Eloquent ORM, while Codeigniter doesn’t uphold this. This aids web engineers to work with different information bases sensibly. They can straightforwardly interface with the data sets and can run ordinary errands by utilizing models. Laravel engages web designers to control ORM and is additionally used to accomplish regular endeavors, for example, running information base investigations and establishing new records.

3. Routing:

Both of these frameworks offer steering highlights; they support both explicit and implicit routing. In any case, it is said that Laravel is a superior system in regard to sending routing requests. The most essential Laravel routes affirm a conclusion and a URI, delivering a powerless and expressive technique of characterizing routes and conduct without complex directing design logs.

All Laravel steering is characterized in the routes logs that are situated in the routes catalog. The applications naturally transfer these logs. The routes/web.php document deciphers routes that are for the web interface.

4. Modularity:

Many web engineers like to do web application improvement by crumbling it into segregated structures. To smooth out and speed up the advancement cycle, Laravel accompanies an inherent particularity highlight that empowers engineers to portion it into more modest parts for simple turn of events. It is arranged with separation features.

The created modules can be utilized for another task or action. Codeigniter doesn’t have an implicit seclusion highlight; this makes the improvement cycle somewhat confounded for web engineers. On the off chance that the engineers expect you to construct modules, they need to utilize particular expansions in the task. Codeigniter isn’t illustrated with estimated quality features.

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