Logicify Intranet

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A centralized place to store Logicify’s internal rules and knowledge

As Logicify grew, we required a centralized place to store our internal rules and knowledge. This project was built as an aggregator of several applications and areas: a company knowledge base, feedback collector to get ideas from employees on different questions, a module to register and inform employees about their paid time off, and documents storage. There is also a section with educational videos from our internal IT talks and a constantly updated news column.

As of 2018, the project is still under development. The next stage will include adding personalized learning paths so that people will be able to select courses among the proposed, pass them, leave comments and ratings. It will help those currently on the bench to quickly get up to speed. We will also include a new PTO section, where employees will view the calendar with their vacations, illnesses and business trips.

The main challenge is the discrete nature of the project. As this is an internal solution, it is done by the engineers who are not engaged in commercial projects at the moment. This results in pauses between phases. Besides, people on the team were changing every time as well, as they may be pulled to other projects.

In order to unify the sign-in and account control experience, G Suite Single Sign-On was to be used.

We wanted the intranet to be integrated with our public website, so it was built on the same stack: Python/Django CMS. Since we did not change this tech along the way, it eased resuming the project after each break when the current team moved to a commercial project and intranet became abandoned for several months. Each team was fully-functional, with the back-end, front-end engineers, QA and PM, supported by a designer from time to time. Along with the main functionality, we created several plugins for Django: one to structure and display video section, another for the footer with the call to actions.

The first stage is over, and Logicify employees can access all company info in one place, without a need to investigate several discrete sources at a time. On-boarding process for new employees is now seamless and fast.