Make Your Posts Stand Out on Social Media

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As you already know, the role of internet social networks has played a big role in our everyday lives for many years now.

With over 2.7 billion monthly active users as of the second quarter of 2020, Facebook is the biggest social network worldwide. Other social networks like Twitter and Linkedin also get more and more users monthly. So, businesses need to pay more attention to social networks. But things on social media are moving so fast that normal posts, announcements and updates will easily be drawn into the sea of information. If you want your business’s updates to stand out, you need to combine them with visual designs.

Why you need visuals

The life span of a post on Facebook is 18 hours. It means that yo

u have only a few seconds to attract a person to read your post, to click the URL you provide. A normal or boring post without a visual design will be ignored easily by people. Visual designs not only help to attract people’s attention but also make people feel something.

So, how to make your design stands out? These simple hacks will help you.

1. Stop using so much text

The point of using visuals is to let colors, shapes and textures do the heavy lifting. Using text on your design is good but if there is so much text, it makes your users confuse and they will easily ignore your post.

2. Use high-quality stock photography

There are websites that provide a large amount of free and high-quality stock photos. Use them and search for images that are suitable for your posts and use them wisely. You may also create your own color manipulation.

3. Use colors wisely

The role of graphic design doesn’t just stop at pretty pictures. You can create a high range of colors to make your design more active and attractive. Take a look at Google’s Twitter account’s cover and get inspired by how they use different colors.

Graphic design is more valuable now than it has ever been.