Meet Syndicode at the Marketplace Conference in Berlin!

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Meet Syndicode at the Marketplace Conference in Berlin!

We are thrilled to announce that very soon Syndicode will be taking part in the Marketplace Conference in Berlin, which will take place on November, 19th. And we, as an expert in Ruby on Rails marketplace development, encourage everyone who wants to meet with us there or consult about their future marketplace.

We think it’s important to make the whole process of online marketplace development of the best quality, offering the greatest pricing strategies as well as making every user happy. Syndicode has extensive experience in developing various marketplaces of different types, in 4 years we have launched 20 successful marketplaces.

Here are some of the cases of online marketplaces developed in Syndicode:

  • Fuzu an online job and talent search tool tailored for the African job market. Included in TOP-10 best African startups with $2.8M funding, the platform is helping people embark on meaningful careers as well as helping companies grow by enabling them to find the right kind of talent.
  • KwikiMove is the on-demand “Movers Marketplace” based in the USA (Atlanta, Georgia) where individuals needing quick moving service can price their moves and instantly connect with truck owners around town.
  • HelloCare is a marketplace platform that brings together senior citizens, lonely people, and families with qualified everyday helpers. HelloCare is a perfect case study of marketplace development as it has all the parts that any two-sided marketplace has to offer.
  • Wecam is a marketplace platform to buy and sell video production started in Berlin, Germany. It features talented videographers for potential buyers in different categories ranging from wedding video, promo video, fashion video to drone and product video.
  • Movinga is a unique revolutionary service which combines a simple booking process with a customer-friendly interface, making it easy to plan flawless removals, it offers the best relocation experience you could wish for.

With Ruby on Rails marketplace development, it could take about 690 hours to build your own marketplace from scratch. And in minimum terms, you can receive the working product in 3-4 months.

Here in Syndicode, we think that Ruby on Rails online marketplace development is the best solution for the new startup because:

  1. It’s lightning-fast. As a result, you can launch your product faster.
  2. Rails is a complete framework. Ruby on Rails is a ‘battery-included’ framework with many out of the box tools and solutions: database communication, schema migrations, email sending/receiving, WebSockets, internalization, caching, API mode, etc.
  3. It has a layered structure. The MVC (Model–View–Controller) software architectural pattern is a simple and easy way to split application logic into separate layers with their respective responsibilities.
  4. RoR provides third-party components. A huge collection of gems (third-party components) which significantly speeds up app development.
  5. It has strong support from DevOps services. There are many hosting services with prebuilt Rails support.
  6. Frontend tools support. JavaScript and CSS preprocessors, such as Webpack or SCSS, can be integrated into an application in just a few steps.
  7. Code scaffolds are also provided. Code scaffolds are auto-generated code snippets that can provide good basic defaults for new app components.
  8. Convention over configuration strategy. Saves dozens of lines of configuration and boilerplate code.

The conference in Berlin will join marketplace founders, investors, and experts to discuss the development of marketplaces and network effects. From our side, we promise you interesting discussions on topics related to this fast-growing business and everything we know from our experience.

Save the date! 19th November 2019, MPC Berlin, Germany.

As a company with great experience in online marketplace development, we can recommend the potential business owners to understand all possible consequences and what they will have to go through from the very beginning.

For details, please call us on (+1) 9035021111

Or contact our Head of sales, Eugene Forkun or our CEO, Dmitriy Romanchenko.

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