Monthly Most Popular JS Repositories. It’s Hot Outside!

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Monthly most popular JS repositories. It’s hot outside!

We don’t know if there is any more challenging and inspirational task than picking JS (and Rails) monthly popular repositories. This is a huge responsibility and pleasure. From the moment you have found something useful and new, you need only a couple of seconds to understand whether you will use it in your work. Unfortunately, in most cases, those marvelous tools we find are not used by you. But our consolation is that you know about them and where to find them when the time has come. Welcome our new June 2019 digest with the monthly most popular JS repositories on GitHub! Btw, it’s hot outside! Today you’ll explore frameworks to create presentations and build web apps, test runner for Node, graphics library, CSV parser, and other interesting JS repositories!

Here we are with the most interesting…

Monthly Most Popular JavaScript Repositories:

  1. Reveal.js is a framework for creating beautiful presentations using HTML. Reveal.js comes with a broad range of features including nested slides, Markdown contents, PDF export, speaker notes and a JavaScript API. 46,788 stars by now.
  2. PixiJS is the HTML5 creation engine that is using 2D WebGL renderer. 24,629 stars by now.
  3. Ember.js is a JavaScript framework for web application development. 21,028 stars by now.
  4. Normalizr is a small, but powerful utility for taking JSON with a schema definition and returning nested entities with their IDs, gathered in dictionaries. 16,928 stars by now.
  5. AVA is a test runner for Node with a concise API, detailed error output, and process isolation. Check the review here16,398 stars by now.
  6. KeystoneJS is a Node.js CMS and web app framework built on the Express web framework and Mongoose ODM. Keystone makes it easy to create web sites and apps, and comes with an auto-generated Admin UI. 14,471 stars by now.
  7. Trix is a text editor, an open-source project from Basecamp, the creators of Ruby on Rails. Millions of people trust their text to Basecamp, and Trix was built to give them the best possible editing experience. 13,593 stars by now.
  8. Rough.js is a small (~8.5kB gzipped) graphics library that lets you draw in a sketchy, hand-drawn-like, style. The library defines primitives to draw lines, curves, arcs, polygons, circles, and ellipses. It also supports drawing SVG paths. 10,826 stars by now.
  9. Papa Parse is the fastest in-browser CSV (or delimited text) parser for JavaScript. 7,493 stars buy now.
  10. Verdaccio is a simple, zero-config-required local private npm registry. 6,926 stars by now.
  11. page.js is a Micro client-side router inspired by the Express router. 6,530 stars by now.
  12. Zdog is a flat, round, designer-friendly pseudo-3D engine for canvas & SVG. 5,589 stars by now.
  13. Puppeteer recorder is a Chrome extension that records your browser interactions and generates a Puppeteer script. 5,262 stars by now.
  14. PDFKit is a PDF document generation library for Node and the browser that makes creating complex, multi-page, printable documents easy. 5,092 stars by now.
  15. tiptap is a renderless and extendable rich-text editor for Vue.js. 4,923 stars by now.
  16. Nerv is a virtual-dom based JavaScript (TypeScript) library with identical React 16 API, which offers much higher performance, tinier package size and better browser compatibility. 4,774 stars by now.
  17. ts-node is a TypeScript execution and REPL for Node.js, with source map support. 4,675 stars by now.
  18. MQTT.js is a client library for the MQTT protocol, written in JavaScript for Node.js and the browser. 4,498 stars by now.
  19. vscode-browser-preview is a browser preview for VS Code that enables you to open a real browser preview inside your editor that you can debug. 4,005 stars by now.
  20. Discord.js is a powerful Node.js module that allows you to interact with the Discord API. 3,906 stars by now.
  21. v8n is a fluent JavaScript validation library. 3,441 stars by now.
  22. Reakit is a toolkit for building accessible rich web apps with React. 3,160 stars by now.
  23. create-dmg repository helps to create a good-looking DMG for a macOS app in seconds. 2,674 stars by now.
  24. pixelmatch is a small JavaScript pixel-level image comparison library, originally created to compare screenshots in tests. 2,648 stars by now.
  25. AST explorer is a web tool to explore the ASTs generated by various parsers. 2,317 stars by now.
  26. ms is a tiny millisecond conversion utility. 2,289 stars by now.
  27. Trash helps to move files and directories to the trash (not to delete, but move). 1,793 stars by now.
  28. Pickr is a responsive and hackable Color-Picker library. No dependencies, no jQuery, compatible with all CSS frameworks. 1,788 stars by now.
  29. Ola is an animation library for inbetweening / interpolating numbers in realtime. 1,560 stars by now.
  30. babel-plugin-macros allows you to build simple compile-time libraries. It defines a standard interface for libraries that want to use compile-time code transformation without requiring the user to add a babel plugin to their build system. 1,425 stars by now.
  31. Tedious is a Node TDS module for connecting to SQL Server databases, pure-Javascript implementation of the TDS protocol, which is used to interact with instances of Microsoft’s SQL Server. 1,078 stars by now.
  32. FunctionScript is a language and specification for turning JavaScript functions into typed HTTP APIs. It allows JavaScript (Node.js) functions to be seamlessly exported as HTTP APIs by defining what the HTTP interface will look like and how it behaves in the preceding comment block – including type-safety mechanisms. 1,073 stars by now.
  33. Pastel is a framework for effortlessly building Ink apps. 1,036 stars by now.
  34. Tornis helps you watch and respond to changes in your browser’s viewport. 1,018 stars by now.
  35. Express Rate Limit is a basic rate-limiting middleware for Express. Used to limit repeated requests to public APIs and/or endpoints such as password reset. 958 stars by now.
  36. tinydate is a tiny (340B) reusable date formatter. 720 stars by now.
  37. sitemap.js is a high-level sitemap-generating framework that makes creating sitemap XML files easy. 701 stars by now.
  38. Delighters.js is a JS library with CSS animations to delight users as they scroll down. 677 stars by now.
  39. Mongoku is a MongoDB client for the web. 631 stars by now.
  40. Vue-Agile is a carousel component for Vue.js. It is written in Vue and Vanilla JS (without a jQuery dependency). 537 stars by now.
  41. reattempt is a modern JavaScript library for the browser and Node.js that lets you retry asynchronous functions when they fail – because some functions deserve a second chance, or a third or maybe even several dozen or so. 506 stars by now.
  42. Textblock is a JavaScript tool for adjusting size, leading, and grades to create continuously responsive typography. Earlier we made a short review about Textblock on our blog. 489 stars by now.

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