More Marketers to Invest in Content

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Look for content to make a resurgence in the digital space.

Look for content to make a resurgence in the digital space. According to 10Fold’s new 2017 Content Insights from US Tech Marketing Execs report, not only are brands more focused on content, they’re planning hourly content releases.

With the advent of social media, news feeds, and the increasing importance of product reviews and information online, content is seeing a renewed focus. Researchers with 10Fold surveyed tech marketing execs and found that over the next year, these entities are planning to spend a quarter of a million dollars on content-based efforts.

“We’ve heard for some time now that ‘content is king,’ but understanding the type of content that works best and knowing how frequently to produce that content are the next logical questions,” said Susan Thomas, founder and CEO of 10Fold. “Our primary goal with this research was to capture deeper analytics about content plans and budgets to help our customers and the tech community develop stronger content strategies.”

The key, of course, is knowing the types of content that consumers in the different sector are on the lookout for – for example, travel minded consumers don’t have the same content needs that B2B buyers have. As to the type of content, social media, video, and webinars are considered ‘the best’ types of content, with most executives preferring video over even social or webinars.

Other interesting findings from the report include:

• 99% of execs are farming out about 25% of their content creation• 83% say this farmed out content is ‘above average’• 80% are using tools like Google Analytics to track and measure content

“The marketplace is constantly changing, making 10Fold research survey on content, timely and insightful. The findings should help tech marketing VPs and CMOs that are barraged with conflicting priorities build out their marketing strategies based on facts,” said David Gehringer, principal of Dimensional Research, which conducted the research. “Based on the results of our research for 10Fold, there is no doubt that there is an insatiable demand among technology companies for content that has technical relevancy and that is delivered in a form, such as video and blogs, that is appealing to their buyers.”