Nearshoring Services for Everyone: From Startups to Tech Giants

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This article is a compilation of the arguments in favor of the most popular nowadays management approach within the Global IT market – Nearshoring Services.

In order to overcome extreme competition or go global, companies are forced to constantly manage new business strategies, create new products, diversify the range of services, improve the quality with the purpose of being one step ahead of rivals. For those large-scale companies that manage an uncountable number of projects, it is important to put quality, timing, and innovativeness into every stage of product development. These days, everything has become possible with nearshoring services, which are now gaining the peak popularity not only among startups but also global IT companies.

How I can be sure that an employee from another company, another country, of another culture will not set me up? I have a tremendous number of projects to be done and they are all interconnected. So if one fails due to the incompetence of my remote development team I will lose money and will have to start all over again. So the services of nearshore outsourcing companies may cause a domino effect on my business operations.

Certainly, there are risks that something goes not as planned. However, the key benefit of inclining to nearshoring is that YOU set the requirements, YOU select the team members in a pool of world-class specialists, and YOU control the process of your project development.

There are no businesses that wouldn’t require technological advancements in their operations. Whether you are a food delivery app or a bank, the products need to be refreshed for the customers to remain trendy. Even if you operate in a highly developed country like Germany or Sweden, there is always room for improvement and you can find even more skilled and experienced developers overseas to contribute to your projects. Let’s take a closer look at the example of companies who decided to invest in nearshore services, and, eventually, obtained a competitive advantage.


Slack is a well-known platform for messaging, which has gained its peak popularity due to a convenient and fast way of communication. World-known companies are using this app as a corporate way of chatting. The key functions are easy to use: chats are set as channels which makes internal collaboration way more simple and productive. Nonetheless, did you know that on the initial stages of the company’s growth they hired an outsourcing agency in order to rework their website and app, and also redesign the logo? Eventually, the outlook of application became even more attractive while the logo became recognized all over the world.


Esurance is a Swiss company that offers a rich range of online insurance services. In 2017, Esurance started cooperation with Ukrainian-based nearshore software development provider with a few developers, and now they have an outsourced team of 14 people, including a CTO! Despite 3000 kilometers between two companies’ offices, cooperation is well-maintained – Esurance received the desired quality, timely delivery, loyalty, and established trustworthiness. Development teams conduct daily and weekly stand-up meetings to make sure everything runs smoothly.


Chemberry is a Swiss project in a company that facilitates cooperation between chemical buyers and suppliers. In order to complete web scraping for Chemberry’s application, the company hired an outsourcing software development company. Not only they successfully released the project, but they also agreed on further cooperation as the quality of services exceeded their expectations.

I might not feel safe if the development team is far from the office. If issues appear, I may need to solve them as soon as possible, and how will I be able to do that when my team cannot be reached within the building.

Usually, nearshoring providers implement various communication channels to make sure the issues are solved in a timely manner. Moreover, the term ‘nearshoring’ means that you are near, and different time zones are inconsiderable meaning that the working hours match between the client and the outsourcing company.

The major question that appears from the company that considers hiring a remote development team is how to stay in touch with the specialists and how effective this communication is comparing to the conventional face-to-face one. The major channels of communication in outsourcing companies include popular messengers like Slack, Google Hangouts, Skype, as well as collaboration platforms such as Asana, Trello, and Jira. But the main thing to remember is that dedicated team members require even more communication than inhouse ones; therefore, it is vital to have regular sync-ups and video calls. Another important and useful tool for maintaining proper communication with the development team is TeamViewer, which allows sharing the screen and discuss the working aspects in a real-time setting.

Quite often companies are willing to visit the nearshore company to meet the team in person and set the planning. The whole process of nearshoring usually starts with the client visiting the provider after they agreed on the details of the candidates. The client can also come in the middle of the project completion or when it’s done to wrap everything up.

Key Points

There is no secret that the modern IT world faces enormous competition and the more players are on the market, the more challenges companies may face while invading the playground, no matter if it is a large-scale corporation or short-term project. With the services provided by the nearshore companies, IT companies around the world decrease the expenses on labor while getting a top-notch quality of services and timely delivery. As far as communication is considered, clients control every stage of task completion to make sure no failure will occur. Maybe it is high time for you to step outside of the comfort zone of hiring dozens of in-house employees.