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All of our products are ready to go, easy to use and offer great value to businesses of all sizes without the cost and complexity of legacy software.

Freshworks CRM

From $29 per month

Freshworks CRM Customer-for-Life Cloud provides an all-in-one solution. It brings salesforce automation, marketing automation, chat, and telephony together so that you can organize customer information and engagement in one central location.



From $29 per month

No hardware. No downloads. No maintenance cost. Plug-n-Play our cloud PBX system today. Freshcaller upgrades your current phone technology to a state-of-the-art routing and voice AI engine.



From $15 per month

Looking for Omnichannel, Bots, and Self-service solutions for customer service? We've got you covered! With Freshdesk, you can streamline all your customer conversations in one place, automate your repetitive work and save time, collaborate with other teams to resolve issues faster and much more...



From $50 per month

The smart HR software for growing businesses with everything you need to make impactful HR decisions. Manage your hiring, onboarding, time-off, employee data, and HR workflows in one place.



From $15 per month

Customers today expect you to value their time, to deliver answers easily, and to help them quickly. Freshchat enables you to deliver on these expectations using best-of-breed offerings in AI-powered bots and messaging.



From $19 per month

Intelligent, right-sized service management solution for the modern enterprise. Extend digital capabilities and deliver exceptional employee experiences with an intuitive, scalable, no-code solution



What we offer

Let’s face it. Most people hate the software they use at work.

Business software is clunky, expensive, hard to set up and frustrating to use. Countless hours are wasted trying to customize these solutions and they often require expensive professional services to get everything to work. In the end, the solution becomes so complex that businesses need to hire full-time employees to babysit the software.

At Freshworks, we believe your business deserves better software - software that’s ready to go, easy to set up and use, and requires minimal customization. All of our products live up to this promise and are backed by our world-class support. And the best part is, you don’t have to break the bank to get them working.

Today, over 40,000 customers trust our software to run their business. We believe it’s just the beginning...


What our customers say about us

The Freshworks team was a great asset during implementation and continue to be a key partner for Waterstons as we look to further mature and improve our services to customers, tailored to their specific needs.

We adopted Freshworks' Freddy Omnibot platform for highly automated and personalized customer experience. For PhonePe, Freddy fetches context from the transactions made and offers contextual assistance for a personalized self-service experience from right within the app. We have been using it for a year and can confidently say that we have accomplished most of what we had in mind.

Because we're managing and handling tickets faster, satisfaction skyrocketed. 98% of the users say they are 'extremely satisfied' after handling a ticket, and give us a smiley face.