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Focusing on the nitty-gritty of digital marketing endows us to thrive in the digital industry


What we can do for you


$995 per month

Now that businesses are online, their reputation in the digital scene matters more than ever! Engage your audience with creative content and interact with your fans and customers to illuminate your business in a positive light. First impressions are everything! Social media is the modern storefront and we’ll take care of it!



$1995 per month

Social Media Sells. Join the revolution of digital advertising which has come to the forefront of business development. Being able to advertise on social media directly to millions of people who are interested in your business is a priceless and very powerful tool, take hold of it. Whether you're based in Los Angeles or elsewhere in the world, we'll get you in front of the right people.



$2495 per month

Looking to take your social media game to the next level with paid advertising? We've got you covered, we're tried and tested marketing experts, we understand the technical prowess needed to get you, your business, and brand in front of the people who are most likely to buy or engage with your product or offering. Let's put those advertising dollars to use!



What will be done

  1. Management on 3 platforms

  2. Consistent posting

  3. Customer service

  4. Content strategy

  5. Basic SEO management

  6. Hashtag and audience research

  1. Advertising on 1 platform

  2. Analytic reports

  3. Database building

  4. Marketing strategy

  5. Branding campaigns

  6. Hyper-targeted adverts

  1. Advertising on 2 platforms

  2. Analytic reports

  3. Database building

  4. Marketing strategy

  5. Branding campaigns

  6. hyper-targeted adverts


What we need to know

  • What do you and your business aim to achieve with social media? What are you hopes and expectations?

  • What is your brand voice? What emotions do you hope to convey through your branding visuals and messaging?
  • What makes your business concept different? Or what makes you unique?
  • Business strengths & weaknesses?
  • How would you describe your business’s culture?

  • What have you tried in marketing that has worked?
  • And what have you tried that has NOT worked as well as expected?
  • Where do you currently spend your marketing dollars?
  • Do you use email marketing?
  • If yes, how frequently do you send email communication to your list?
  • How big is your email list?
  • Are you willing to spend money on Facebook (and other digital advertising) if you are confident it could generate an ROI.
  • Who are your top competitors?

  • Who’s your target audience? Primary, secondary?
  • What do they love and dislike most about you?
  • What are their interests?
  • What part of the market do you think you are missing? or Who do you think should be frequenting your business but isn’t?


What people usually ask us

PACE is priced competitively with a team of in-house social media experts – instead of hiring one person, PACE remotely delivers an entire team right at your fingertips! We offer a variety of creative talent to keep the content fresh and have cultivated a wide range of partnerships in order to help define the social media landscape of your industry. We also cause you very little paperwork and our expertise/knowledge will always outperform a pay-rolled employee

Yes, increasing your revenue is always our number one goal, we focus on the tasks that do exactly that. If you have a good product to sell, we do everything necessary to get it in front of the people that matter most to your business and convert them into paying customers using our proven strategies/efforts.

As an added benefit to taking this approach, your brand awareness will grow to new heights due to your brand and business being put in front of thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions of targeted individuals who have all shown an interest in what you have to offer

It absolutely does! Without a social media presence, you will be cutting your company off from one of the fastest forms of cost-effective marketing available today. In the modern day, websites and social media accounts are the new storefronts. Having a social media presence not only directs customers to interact with your business, it can act as a form of online assurance, many people subconsciously judge the quality of a business by the quality of their website and social media accounts, meaning that if a customer goes looking for your business only to find little to no record of you on the internet, they may become suspicious.


Why choose us?

Founded by some of the sharpest social media savvy digital marketers and innovative content creators from across the globe and in the city of Los Angeles, we’re driven by a strong desire to educate and guide your brand and business into the digital age.

We’ve realized that social media and internet marketing are often overlooked by most traditional businesses, who are either unsuccessful in it, or are overlooking it completely, ignoring growing trends and labelling them nothing more than ‘fads’.

We work with businesses and brands from all walks of industry and niche helping them grow and achieve their full potential. By focusing on habitually keeping updated on all channels of social media and internet marketing, we are always ahead of the game.


What people say about us

Pace Social Media is awesome to work with, they are the real deal. I shared my vision and they took off from logo to website development and all our social media platforms. They put us out and pushed us into the space and we are gaining momentum and business faster than imagined. If you want your brand to blow up…there is no one out there that comes close.

They were responsive and quick. Super professional. I really liked that I was comfortable and easily able to communicate what I needed to them. The services were great and I would definitely recommend this agency to anybody that needs a boost for their business here in Los Angeles!

I had problems with the design of my website, Pace Social Media came in and gave me a sleek clean design that actually increased our rankings and they did a bit of SEO that saw us converting 24% higher!


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