PowerApps Licensing Overview Tactics

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PowerApps Licensing which means to run apps each user requires separate licenses. User licenses are assigned based on users’ names.

Using custom business apps that connect with data across the web and mobile without the expense of custom software development and service for the building is – PowerApps.

Using Microsoft PowerApps, not need to write a single line code and can build apps. The entire process is not as difficult as when developers have to write codes manually because the application already has pre-built templates.

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Brief Analysis of PowerApps Licensing

Effortlessly, they can publish their final outcome to the mobile devices and web. Per-User basis PowerApp is licensed which means to run apps each user require separate licenses. User licenses are assigned based on users names.

Creation of an application not limited by PowerApps licenses. PowerApps Plan 1 and PowerApps Plan 2 are two independent plans of PowerApps.

  • PowerApps Plan 1: To store and manage data it provides access to Common Data Service. User can use premium connectors, on-premises data and also can run canvas apps that are built on Common Data Services.
  • PowerApps Plan 2: With code plug-ins and real-time workflows PowerApps plan 2 allow users to run model-driven apps.

Any PowerApps license is appropriate to administer apps. Additionally, The independent plans Power apps capacities that are assured in Dynamic 365 and Office 365 plans which allow users to extend and customize Dynamic 365 and Office 365 with Microsoft flow capacities and PowerApps.

PowerApps for Office 365 and Dynamic 365 enable users to create and run apps within the environment of these services. These apps can be extended to authorize data in common cloud services that include Facebook, Box.com, and many more.

There are essential differences in functionality between these groups of licenses.

Let’s Get into the Details of PowerApps Pricing Page That Give Detailed Information About PowerApps Plans

These include four types of plans with different features, Let’s get in detail:

  • Licenses
  • Price
  • Features

PowerApps for Office 365


  • Create an automated workflow with Microsoft flow
  • Create and run canvas apps
  • Extend office 365 capabilities

PowerApps for Dynamic 365


  • Extend Dynamic 365 capabilities
  • Everything included with PowerApps plan2
  • Access restricted Dynamics 365 APIs

and entities

PowerApps Plan 1

$7 Per user/month:

  • Create and run canvas apps
  • Server-side valuation logic and business rules
  • Use common data services for apps
  • Everything included within PowerApps for Office 365
  • Support data policies established by the office 365 administrator

PowerApps Plan 2

$40 Per user/month:

  • Create and run canvas apps
  • Model multi-stage processes
  • Everything included with PowerApps Plan 1
  • Enterprise-grade administration of the environments with user policies
  • Run Model Driven Apps
  • Use and create entities in Common data services for Apps that include real-time and add-ins workflows

Independent PowerApps plans give authority to the users to create and run apps across data sources that increase beyond Office 365, such as custom data sources, on-premises, and Salesforce.

The PowerApps Plan 2 gives 30 days free trial to the user and in the trial, users can access all of the features available in PowerApps Plan 2.

The PowerApps Community Plan is the best choice if you want to learn and wish to build more skills about PowerApps, Common Data Service, and Microsoft Flow. This PowerApps Community Plan gives users a free development environment to learn the full functionality of PowerApps.

The Office 365 plan include Business premium and Business Essential, Office 365 Enterprise E1, E3 and E5. This makes easy to utilize PowerApps within the context of Office 365.

Different programs such as Teams, SharePoint Online, and Excel can be integrated with PowerApps and the purpose behind that is to better leverage applications that are already in use and to streamline the process.

Faster Innovation

Learning PowerApps is easier than learning how to code and hence it is the time & cost saving.

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PowerApps makes your process more efficient…!!! Apps that are developed with PowerApps are designed to be used on different gadgets like any smartphones, desktop, laptop.

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