Branding, Digital Strategy, and PR for South American Scout Organization

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  • Budget estimation $20,000 - $40,000

We’re looking for a digital agency that can help us with our branding, digital strategy, and public relations regarding our youth migrant education program.

About the Company

A majority of the migrants entering Brazil enter the country through the border of the indigenous city of Pacaraima, in Roraima, which has an average population of around 12,000. From there, a significant part of the group keeps on their way to Boa Vista, the smallest capital in regard to population in Brazil, with 330,000 people. The capitals Manaus, and recently, Belém, are the other two focal points of the Venezuelan immigration. Their highly vulnerable situation, however, follows the Venezuelans even after crossing the border of Brazil. The risks regard a lack and a poor alimentation, families living on the streets, not access public policies (education, health, social care, security), in addition to unhealthy shelters and xenophobia. Careful of the situation of Venezuela and its population migrating to Roraima, we saw the opportunity, and need for action, to develop the spread of non-formal education to youths from the host centers in Boa Vista – Roraima. During the first moment, we gathered Venezuelan teenagers and youths at the host center kept by Fraternidade Sem Fronteiras (Fraternity without borders) and the Scout Movement was presented to them through activities such as songs and games from both cultures (with the goal of preserving the Venezuelan culture and presenting the Brazilian one). The activities have the support of two Brazilian scout leaders and responsible adults responsible for the youths in the host center. The evaluation on the final of the activity with those involved was very positive, having awaked the attention of minor children that were present, and they asked if they could participate in the coming meetings. Giving evidence to the potential benefit application and advancement of the project would bring. It can contribute in a relevant way to the process of integration of the Venezuelan youths’ migrants in Brazilian society, while respecting their culture and history, offering an integrational and educational opportunity, and bringing back their dreams and hopes.

Goals and Objectives

Our goals and impacts with these projects (Branding, Digital Strategy & PR) are:

  1. Having at least 3 volunteers trained to work using the Scout program and methods together with Venezuelan children, teenagers, and youths’ migrants.
  2. Venezuelan children and teenagers in the migration situation that participate in scout activities showing personal development in many areas, which will be proof through personal evaluation using the scout method.
  3. At least one new partnerships.
  4. Analysis of a minimum of 75% of the scout units about the conditions of the units, so we can give support to new scout units opened.
  5. Open at least 1 new scout unit in the region.
  6. Having at least 30 youths participating in the scout unit.

Scope of Work and Deliverables

Founded on November 4th, 1924, we are the only civil organization recognized and certified by the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM), responsible to guide and to keep up with the practice of scouting adopted in Brazil. We are a non-governmental organization and we have representations at the national, state and municipal levels.

Our main job is to organize and to direct the Scout Movement in the national territory. We believe that scouting has a great potential in the formation of children, helping teenagers and youths become more responsible and conscious, and making them active citizens that help to create a better, fairer and a more fraternal world.

The beneficiaries are the Venezuelan children, teenagers and youths that migrated to the state of Roraima, with ages between 6.5 years to 17 years old, that live in the host center in the city of Boa Vista.


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As risks, there are the difficulties with the language and culture differences, which are challenges to be overcome through a qualification formation of adults to work with the public. We have considered factors as health, poverty, housing, and acceptance of the migrants by the local society as they can interfere in the role of the project.

Budget Estimation

$20,000 - $40,000