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This Project is Finished

Campaign for a Wearables Brand

  • Status of the Project Proposal Finished
  • Start date
  • End date
  • Budget estimation $10,000

Create engaging and compelling stories in the form of videos or digital ads explaining our vision, and the functionalities of the product.

About the Company

We are an international fashion platform driven by innovation, functionality, and sustainability. Inventing the future and having a positive impact on the environment is part of our DNA, which is translated into the products that we create. We offer our own products and an exclusive selection of independent, wearable electronics & smart garments. We also support enhanced fashion items using innovative nanotechnologies.

Goals and Objectives

About the Shoe

It is a fully designed product to be launch to the market. It is a smart shoe exploring connectivity and resilience to external conditions. It does have several sensors: temperature, air pressure, humidity, accelerometer, pressure sensor, bluetooth. Tracked data can be transferred from peer-to-peer.

The Challenge

Create engaging and compelling stories in the form of videos, digital ads for crowdfunding websites and social media channels, explaining the vision of the brand and the functionalities of the product. The aim of this campaign is to inspire people to look for fashion products with a purpose: innovation, functionality, and sustainability. The challenge is to create a crowdfunding campaign motivating people to invest in this idea and the production launch of the smart shoe. Focus on a target audience in Germany that is receptive for revolutionary ideas that shape the way how people will consume fashion.

This will be a campaign that is going to be distributed on a crowdfunding platform and across our social channels, we would like to make it viral.

Focus Our Existing Market

Men and Women 20-55 years old. Germany (Priority)


Create a modern graphical work to showcase the originality and benefits of the smart shoe + the overall vision of the brand (with the shoe as one relevant example). Ideally a mixture of pictures and video.

Suggestion of ads layouts for Facebook and Instagram channel + newsletter.

Words Associated

Impactful, good cause, innovative, technical, functional, cool, new.


The prototype can be provided for shooting or product videos if required. The technical schematics can be provided as well for graphics. Customers can be motivated by brand discounts and e-commerce actions, if you would like to implement it in the strategy, it should be planned by you.


It should comply with the band image as innovation seeking company. We aim for a technical, modern and minimalistic approach.

The language should be German.

Scope of Work and Deliverables

  • Conceptualized project proposal.
  • Detailed budget planning and deadlines.
  • Past works portfolio, reel.

Budget Estimation