This Project is Finished

TDA Animated Promotional Video for YouTube

  • Status of the Project Proposal Finished
  • Start date
  • End date
  • Budget estimation 5,000€

About the Company

TDA is the first global marketplace for companies and digital agencies in the world. We function like an online dating site for companies and digital agencies and help them connect in 3 simple steps: (i) Companies leave project requests on the site; (ii) Agencies see the projects and pitch to the company; (iii) Companies then decide whether or not to contact the agencies for further discussions. Through this process, TDA makes it possible for any company and any digital agency to meet no matter where they are in the world without needing to leave their office. For more information, visit https://topdigital.agency/.

Goals and Objectives

Our goal is to create an animated video showcasing our work, and who we are. The video should be 15 seconds long, with a dose of (appropriate) humor.

Scope of Work and Deliverables

It is important to create a good video that will showcase our work and enable us to reach a wider audience. The primary audience is companies which are intending to join our platform and to post their digital projects. Having that said, the video should appeal to both companies and agencies. What we expect in round 1 is your agency’s past references and a presentation of who your team is.

TDA will publically mention all the agencies that pitch for the project and the one that was chosen. We plan to create a full testimonial and success story video after the project is finished.

Our goal with this video is to show who TDA is in an interesting and accurate way. We would be using this video on YouTube to advertise our platform and our spirit.

What will we film for the testimonial and success story video? Everything. By everything, we mean we will film every step of the project – from the project proposal idea to posting it on the platform to choosing an agency and when the project is done.

Budget Estimation