Visual Identity Overhaul for Law Firm

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We need a digital agency to create a new logo, new web page and design of stationary (memorandum and business cards). Design templates of invoices, offers, and .ppt presentations.

About the Company

Our law firm was founded by three partners from two top-tier Croatian law firms with a single goal – forming a client-oriented, full service and solution-driven law firm. The fact that all three partners previously worked together in the same firm depicts the motivation and connection that led to forming our firm.

We provide a full scope of legal services for corporate clients with a particular focus on:

  • Banking & Finance
  • Capital markets
  • M&A
  • Corporate and Commercial
  • Infrastructure
  • Restructuring & Insolvency
  • Litigation

Goals and Objectives

We would like to improve our visual identity. Primarily, we would like to create a new logo, new web page and new design of stationary (memorandum and business cards).

The project would encompass also creating templates of invoices, offers, and .ppt presentations.

The web page should be modeled upon the legal industry standard. Mobile-friendly is a must.

Scope of Work and Deliverables

The scope of the project is to develop new brand resources and develop a website. The guidelines which the brand resources and website should meet are the following:


  1. A new logo
  2. Design template for invoices
  3. Design template for offers
  4. Design template for PowerPoint presentations
  5. Newly designed stationary (memorandum and business cards)

Pages and Subpages

  • About Us
  • Our Lawyers
  • Banking & Finance Law
  • Capital Markets
  • Corporate & Commercial Law
  • Restructuring
  • Infrastructure Law
  • FAQ
  • News
  • Contact


The project application should include:

  • The agency’s credentials
  • Project plan with activity breakdown and schedule
  • Cost estimates

Budget Estimation

All agencies will submit a project application with a budget for the project. As a general guide, a budget of $80,000 – $100,000 should cover all costs.

Invitation to Agencies

We invite all TDA members (digital agencies) that have expertise in Branding, Graphic Design, and Web Design to pitch for the project.