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Website Copy Editing and Proofreading Service for World’s Leading Cloud Communications Company

  • Status of the Project Proposal Finished
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  • Budget estimation $ 9,000-12,000

We require complete copy editing and proofreading services for our website so that the content is concise, written in a consistent style, and error-free.

About the Company

We are a cloud communications platform company that helps brands communicate with their customers through any channel; voice, email, text, RCS or chats apps (like WhatsApp and Viber), from one single interface. If you have received a call from Uber or text from Viber you have interacted with our services. Through our users, we have touched over 65% of the world’s population. With more than 65 offices worldwide on six continents employing almost 2000 people, we are the largest company in our industry.

Goals and Objectives

We require editorial services to review our existing content so that we can be sure that it reads well, conveys important information quickly and clearly, and drives users to take specific actions. It must be concise, interesting, trustworthy and completely error-free. 

In total, an 82-word doc pages/122k characters.

Scope of Work and Deliverables

  • Correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes (adhere to American English rules).
  • Ensure our content is concise and easy-to-read on-screen. 
  • Conduct an SEO check.
  • Identify content that could be clarified or improved, and suggest improvements.
  • Check for inconsistencies or irregularities in the content.
  • Make sure all copy is written consistently in our brand voice.
  • Provide feedback about existing content, e.g., writing style.
  • Propose new headlines that are catchier and reflect everyday language but retain the original meaning. 

Budget Estimation

$ 9,000-12,000