Propel Your Software Product’s Performance with Agile Engineering

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With agile product engineering, businesses can reduce time to market, deliver business value and enhance user experience.

The software product market is expected to reach a value of nearly $742.12 billion by 2022 – The Business Research Company

Innovative software products or services backed by digital technologies are already delivering superior customer experiences. With this trend in focus, we can see glimpses of the true economic potential of the software product market. The advent of innovative technologies such as AI, IoT sensors, blockchain, advanced analytics, robotic process automation, cloud and edge computing, has added a new dimension to the already dynamic product engineering landscape.

The volatile market, pressing customer needs and competition is pushing software product engineering teams to deliver superior products quickly and demanding enterprises to adopt an agile product engineering approach.

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Agile Approach: Asynchronized to ‘in’ Synchronize Approach

Agile product engineering promotes iterative incremental approach for development and testing throughout the PDLC encouraging fast and high-quality product development.

Agile product engineering follows the “Integrate and Test” methodology where there is constant visibility of change for every defined user such as developers, project leads or managers. This results in faster implementation, rapid productization and validation of assumptions before the product is released.

Products developed using an agile approach, design-led technologies like Big data analytics, Cloud and DevOps, Test automation, and microservices-based architecture can interact with their creators, their users and other products throughout their lifespan.

For instance, ever wondered about the evolution of Netflix from a rented DVD company to now an entertainment streaming company of more than 158 million worldwide monthly subscribers. Isn’t it business reshaping?

Emphasis on the agile approach that businesses seize and implement in turn returns favorable business outcomes such as

  • Ability to manage changing priorities
  • Accurate project visibility
  • Business and IT alignment
  • Faster time to market
  • Increased productivity
  • Risk mitigation
  • Easy management of distributed teams
  • Better team morale

Key Enablers of Product-Based Businesses

As a product-based company, designing and developing a product is not a ‘one-time effort’. To meet the clients’ needs, you must rely on agile teams to develop scalable infrastructure and implement test automation solutions for 100% agile product development. Here are some of the key business enablers for rapid productization.

UX and Design Experience

Customer experience should be the primary focus while developing any product. Customers must always have an engaging experience with personalized context. Thus, product development is aimed to undergo an exhaustive design discovery stage to deliver a seamless personalized experience.

Frontend Backend Frameworks

Product companies design and develop applications using various backend frameworks such as Spring Boot, .NET Core, Lumen and Flask. For robust and speedy frontend experience using tools and technologies like AngularJS, Material Design, Bootstrap, Vue.js are eminent.


To reach maximum customers across all digital touchpoints – ‘mobility’ of products is a necessity. Developing products for different platforms can outperform competitors, build customer trust and brand value.

Microservices-Based Architecture

Microservices as the name suggests manages services in micros i.e. in bits and pieces. It accelerates the delivery and reduces the turnaround time. Microservices based architecture divides single architecture into smaller services increasing flexibility, removing deadlocks and optimizing development speed.

Big Data and Analytics

Leveraging the power of data and analytics using Hadoop, Casandra and Sparkz helps you to make informed business decisions and derive valuable insights.

Test Automation

Full-fledged test automation helps to build a bug-free product while improving user experience, enhancing product performance, accelerating delivery by providing rapid feedback loop and identifying errors early on.

Make Headway with Product Engineering

Product engineering with an agile approach aims at reducing time-to-market, facilitates early risk-mitigation and speeds-up deliverables at all stages of the PDLC. Businesses can drive successful results and engage more customers by tapping the true potential of agile product engineering.

By being agile, Enterprises can truly deliver intelligent, potentially autonomous and more personalized products. As analytically observed and concluded, “In this compelling world, today’s experience is an eternally loyal customer.”

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