Pros and Cons of Accounting System based on Fintech

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Recently we published an article about the advantages and disadvantages of accounting systems based on Fintech technologies. The world of computerized accounting systems grows so rapidly that it’s essential to track all the technologies trends when they appear. Read more on how to switch to computerized accounting and the impact of Fintech on this industry.

The definition of computerized accounting

Let’s start with the general information and find out what is computerized accounting. It is a term used to describe how to maintain and manage transactions based on the principal accounting regulations and standards with the help of computer-based software. This process includes many types of transactions

Accounting system based on fintech technologies. By UppLabs

Comparing Manual and computerized accounting systems

There are general principles for both types of accounting systems, but there is a significant difference between them that covers every aspect of the billing and reporting performance. What is the main difference? Read here.

Different types of Accounting Software

The accounting software solutions usually include:

  • Ready-made software
  • Customized software

You can find more on how they differ, what programs they offer, and how to understand what software to choose for your business needs.

Why choose computerized accounting?

Companies tend to switch to computerized accounting software as it allows them to maintain bookkeeping and records at high speed and comply with security standards. The other reasons include:

  • Performance of numerous transactions;
  • Quick reporting system;
  • Paperwork reduction;
  • Use of SQL (Structured Query Language);
  • Online storage of information;
  • Accuracy;
  • Reliability;
  • Security and many more.

Pros of computerized accounting

Why computerized accounting? By UppLabs

There is a high chance of transferring all accounting information to computerized software solutions. Businesses can use the greatest advantages of such systems to improve their accounting workflow. Among the other pros are:

  • It’s time-effective
  • It minimizes errors
  • You spend less money
  • You have access to detailed information
  • It allows tracking tax return and more.

You can check our case of an IRS-approved eFile provider for informational returns.

Possible challenges of computerized accounting

Like any other system, computerized accounting can bring some challenges. These include:

  • No guarantee of the data input
  • Program errors
  • Knowledge of accounting program
  • Training of specialists
  • System failure
  • Virus attack and others.

To prevent software failure, you can use the performance indicators check.

The impact of Fintech

Fintech software brings more opportunities to accounting systems. Examples are the use of electronic document flow, robotization, online instant money transfers, use of ERP. Read more to know how blockchain technology and virtual reality help boost the potential of accounting.

Switching to accounting software

How to switch to computerized accounting? By UppLabs

There are general principles and steps of the transition process. They may require some time, but their right implementation results in a smooth change.

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