Pros and Cons of Working With a Content Marketing Agency

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“Content is the king”, stated Bill Gates the billionaire. Indeed, content is now gradually dominating digital marketing strategies and becoming a critical element for effective business performance.

To get the most out of your connection, owning a website and social media platforms is not enough. Marketers need to get useful advice from content marketing professionals or agencies to help you create and deliver attractive content directly to the right audience. Today, customer data doesn’t just come from a good sales team. Marketers can allow customers to actively reach the brand by creating the right content with the right approach.

For that reason, this article will highlight some of the positive sides and drawbacks that businesses need to keep in mind when partnering with a content marketing agency.

Pros of Hiring a Content Marketing Consultant

Professional Expertise

By hiring a content marketing expert for your strategy, you can access their professional expertise. They will bring out all the experience they’ve gained from working with other customers to develop specialized content for your strategy in the most effective way. As a professional, they regularly research and analyze the market to ensure that they’re staying on top new trends. Therefore, they can save you time and help avoid the trouble of collecting, processing and publishing content.


One of the greatest benefits of working with content marketing consultants is their objectivity. In short, as outsiders, they will have a more objective view towards your business marketing strategy. They will offer new insights and new ideas, as well as discover new opportunities. Additionally, they can observe your previous trends, models and data to make the best decisions for future business strategy.

Time and Cost-Saving

Hiring a content marketing consultant help you gain more time in your busy schedule because you don’t have to spend a lot of effort and time researching, analyzing or creating content ideas. Consultants will devise appropriate content strategies to achieve results faster, which allows you to focus on and spend time in other fields. Many businesses believe that hiring a content marketing unit is also a cost-effective option as it can be cheaper than hiring and maintaining a specialist or a department for internal strategies.

Cons of Hiring a Content Marketing Consultant


Hiring an external specialist can be costly. The service fee from consulting and implementing content will be charged by the hour or by project package. This means that if your business has no or limited budget, you should consider carefully when deciding to hire a content marketing agency

Risks Caused by Different Visions

Hiring an external specialist can be risky when two parties have different visions. There is high chance of conflicts or disagreements if both sides cannot agree on the idea. Ideally, the business and the experts need to sit down and have a thorough discussion to get to know each other before starting. Helping someone to understand your company as if they are a part of it will create more convenience in the working process toward the strategic goals.

Interruption in Short-Term Cooperation

Another drawback when working with an external consultant is that your strategy may be interrupted without long-term cooperation. To avoid that situation, both sides should know each other carefully and make a long-term commitment to work together, to get the best results.

Just as every coin has two sides, hiring a content marketing agency for your business will also have advantages and disadvantages. To succeed, the full understanding of each other’s strengths and difficulties is the most important thing to accomplish company’s business goals. After all, a professional content marketing company can help you build brand awareness, generate leads, nurture the relationship and close orders. Following that, the agency ensures that the customer would be happy and keeps them pleasant by the outstanding service and story. It is essential for your business to maintain a closer relationship with customers, and above all, you can track all the investment efficiency of all those activities.

Author Vi Mai is a PR manager at EloQ Communications. Vi has more than 11 years of experience in journalism and social marketing. She is also a strategic planner for many projects of the company.