Pro’s And Con’s: Separate Facebook Pages

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Should you have separate Facebook pages for your multi-location business?

When your business has several locations, does it make sense to create a new account specifically for it? The day of consolidating multiple ventures under one swooping helm appears to be infeasible today. That’s because the world of digital marketing, much like Google’s algorithms with SEO, are constantly changing every year. What works on Facebook and in the world of digital marketing this year may not be suitable next year.

Advantages and disadvantages of creating multiple Facebook accounts for one business.


  • Free to set up and cheap to run. That’s right! While you’re pleasing Facebook’s investors by creating more profiles, you are also doing yourself a favor when it comes to the budget. Facebook, comparatively, is much cheaper than running advertisements on the radio, television and in print. If you had to advertise for each location with the aforementioned mediums, that could get expensive.
  • It makes sense demographically: Perhaps your business sells to multiple age groups, and the way you excite and reach those multiple audiences isn’t by advertising under one general campaign. it makes much more sense to target based on relevance.
  • Visibility. Without a doubt, multiple Facebook pages for your brand with help when it comes to how you show up locally. Whenever a user in a specific location enters a particular location, your brand, your page shows up.
  • Highlights a particular brand and location.
  • Makes it easier for customers to review certain brands and locations.
  • While these are all positives, that can help your business reach better and make more money, if you don’t do it right, then you could be facing these issues ahead.


  • Comes off corporate and spammy.
  • Can damage your brand’s perception with certain customers.
  • Takes away your resources. This is true, the more accounts you have, the more time needed to spend managing and making sure they are up to snuff.
  • It may be counterproductive and counterintuitive. Facebook does offer a “Locations” option, in which you could manage all of your “child pages” under one central location, thus making it easier and less expensive if you operate multiple accounts.
  • It can be overwhelming.

Should You Do It? Look, there’s really no right answer because there’s no one-way business. What may make sense for your brand may not work for another. On the other hand, most companies utilize the services of a digital marketing agency like Digital Marketing Experts International for such advice.

Why Hire A Marketing Agency?

Aside from managing your Facebook pages, a company like DMEI has the knowledge and expertise to show you what works and what doesn’t online. This can cover topics like web design, ads, SEO, social media, site renovations, and so much more. As noted above, the world of digital marketing is a constant evolving industry. A good digital marketing agency understands the current and upcoming trends that will give you and your business the advantages.

The Final Verdict

The pro’s and con’s are valid points, and each play an integral role in why or why you shouldn’t create multiple Facebook accounts. That said, it’s always a good idea to consult with a digital marketing agency like DMEI to see if it makes sense to have multiple accounts for your brand.

Owning a business is hard work, and a lot of your time, money and focus needs to be spent operating it. When you create more responsibilities, that could cause a strain on your already time-consuming endeavors.

The final and most resourceful word of advice is, evaluate closely and slowly your business and your target audience. Take a look at other competing companies, and see what they are doing. See if it makes sense to you. And if you get overwhelmed by the challenges of multiple accounts, your next move is hiring a company like Digital Marketing Experts International for your social media needs.