Robust on-Demand Food Delivery App To Meet Business Goals

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Online food ordering apps are changing the face of restaurants and the customer’s expectations.

The age of on-demand deliveries!

Times have changed! So, have the dining trends of millennial consumers. They look forward to comfortable and convenient dining experiences and food to reach them whenever and wherever they want. No wonder that many businesses are zeroing in on the on-demand food delivery model now! Services like Zomato and Swiggy have become household names by revolutionizing the food delivery landscape. Many restaurants and food tech start-ups are capitalizing on these changing dining trends. If you are planning to launch your on-demand food delivery business, this is a perfect time!

Did you know these food delivery app facts and figures?

The on-demand food delivery market has been growing by leaps and bounds over the past few years. Owing to the pandemic, the need for online food delivery has further climbed globally. Let’s have a quick look at the facts, figures, and forecasts for the on-demand food delivery market!

  • The online food delivery industry will be equal to $200 billion by 2025 as per the research by Frost & Sullivan.
  • Globally, the revenue in the online food delivery segment was worth $94.385 million in 2019.
  • Between 2020-2024, the market size for online on-demand food delivery services will grow by $44.23 billion.
  • As per Chinese investors, the overall food delivery business in India will grow by 500% by 2022.
  • Swiggy, the online food delivery platform in India, was valued at $3.6 in 2020, according to sources.

The numbers hint at an exciting future for the food delivery industry. Starting an online food business is quite lucrative and appealing in the current times!

Let us help you launch your online food delivery business

Whitelion Infosystem partners with businesses to build unique on-demand food delivery solutions that are affordable, scalable, and robust. By tapping advanced technologies, we design and develop customized mobile app solutions suited to meet your business goals. From the ideation phase to app development and maintenance, we work with our clients promptly and responsively in order to improve their growth prospects.

As one of the fastest-growing web and mobile app development companies, we are well-equipped to cater to you. With your on-demand app requirements, irrespective of its complexity and diversity. We also have a proficient and zestful team. They will listen to your needs and build solutions that drive business success. Our clients primarily benefit from our industry experience. Then, a deep understanding of modern technological tools. Launch your on-demand food delivery app quickly and efficiently by choosing to work with our skillful app development team!

Learning from the success stories of forerunners!

Undoubtedly, Zomato and Swiggy have become synonymous with the on-demand food delivery business, and not only because they have first-mover advantage. The success of the companies largely depends on the continuous innovation they bring in to provide a seamless experience to the restaurant owners and the users. Here, we continuously learn about the features and functionalities to make successful apps and meet client needs by integrating various features according to your business requirements. And we set the foundations for your success in the on-demand food delivery business.

What features do users look for?

  • Location-based search and suggestions to discover food and eat-outs nearby
  • A detailed profile of the restaurant and type of cuisine they serve
  • A diverse food menu with customization features
  • Live delivery tracking from pickup to door-step
  • Rating and reviews about nearby restaurants
  • Integration of different payment systems
  • The option to feedback on their experience with restaurants
  • Chatbots for personalized assistance and queries

Why are delivery apps a hit with restaurants?

  • Quick and easy process to add the restaurant to the app
  • Simplified dashboard to check and track the progress of orders
  • Secure payment systems and seamless tracking of the amount earned through app orders
  • Feature to track the rating and reviews of customers
  • Flexibility to accept or reject orders as per the availability of resources

Why choose us for on-demand food delivery app development services?

Value-oriented work processes

We work with a mission to create optimal value for your business and follow the best practices in the industry to achieve it. Also, we walk the extra mile to develop cutting-edge solutions that lead to desired outcomes in on-demand business. So, you can be assured of agile processes and robust development with us.

Proven expertise in app development

Having worked with numerous app development projects, we are quick to learn about your requirements. Further, we will suggest the right tools to develop the app. Here, the team leaves no stone unturned to build dynamic solutions with intuitive designs that delight the user base.

Cost-effective solutions

We are capable of developing affordable app solutions for your project. Although we provide cost-effective solutions, our quest for professional excellence will reflect in every project we do.

Timely completion

Trusting our dynamic talent pool and efficient process methodology. We assure prompt project delivery. Apart from instant project kick-off and timely solutions, we provide continuous support post project delivery, too.


How much time does it take to deploy the solution?

The time for app development depends on the level of customization and complexity. If you are looking for customized and unique features, it may take more time. But with basic features, the app can be deployed in one or two months.

What is the estimated cost of building an on-demand food delivery app?

The overall cost of the project depends on your requirement. If your need is a readymade on food delivery solution. Then, it won’t cost you much. But the budget may go up according to the customization and features. Get in touch with your requirement, and we will provide a quick estimate for your project.

Can I get assistance for building a customized food delivery app?

Our team listens to your requirements, business goals, and comes up with custom-made solutions. Here, we have skilled and experienced professionals who are capable of handling complex and diverse solutions. So, of course, you would get total assistance in having a customized food delivery app.

What are the benefits of owning a food delivery app?

Food delivery apps enable customers to order food and get it delivered as per their convenience and choice. Yes, there are various benefits of owning a food delivery app for restaurants. This will not only increase sales and customer base but it also leads to easier order processing, smoother transactions, streamlined order management, etc.

Let’s talk about your idea!

Want to build a unique on-demand food delivery app? Get in touch with our team and let’s create together a fantastic product!