SEO Misconceptions That Can Damage Your Brand

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SEO is like a resume; you polish it, so you have your best foot forward.
-Matt Cutts, Google

The nucleus of online marketing is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is a set of rules to be followed by the website owner to increase their brand value by strategizing their website content in a way that their search engine ranking is enhanced.

Ever since it’s introduction in the late 1990’s SEO  has drastically evolved. Earlier website owners would leverage every possible means of SEO be it keyword stuffing, the “then acceptable” annoying backlinking. This changed when Google decided to penalized backlinking and keyword stuffing. This further evolved with people realizing the importance and impact of quality content, providing personalization. Throughout these evolution stages, a significant number of misconnections have also emerged that have been stunting the growth of our brand.

Listed below are some of the common rampant misconceptions about SEO that you should steer clear of to enhance your page ranking and benefit your brand:


This misconception has a massive crowd backing it but its false. Guest blogging is a valuable source of SEO. A guest blog with good quality content comprising of relevant and accurate information, sufficient backlinking has the potential to enhance your brand worth in search engine.


This would have been believed in the initial days of website creation and promotion. Keyword stuffing, unsolicited and running between the pages links are not only annoying, but Google will penalize the website owner for using links to low-quality websites.


Merely including titles, site tags, descriptions will not improve your search engine ranking. SEO optimization is long-term progress to ensure consistent traffic generation at your website. Greater visibility can only be assured with continuous working to improve your ranking.


Yes, content is the ultimate king but what does not render SO useless. But only putting up good quality content will not enhance your ranking in SERP. You need effective SEO strategies to be able to reach out to your target audience. High-grade content alongside proper utilization of SEO tools will ensure a positive impact on SERP.


If such were the case every business would be ranking their best in SERP list. The minor error resulting from insufficient knowledge can adversely impact your page ranking. SEO utilization requires theoretical as well as practical experience of implementing an effective SEO strategy. Hiring an SEO and Internet marketing company would help your business.

Everybody is utilizing search engines to seek answers, be it related to healthcare, education, food, etc. Hence a website should have a competent SEO strategy to enhance their page ranking. Improve your SEO status by devising an SEO strategy, without paying any heed to these misconceptions. Most businesses opt for hiring a local SEO company that frameworks an adept approach along with providing PPC management in New Jersey, web development, marketing and more such internet marketing services. This helps them utilize the time saved concentrating better on the core objectives of the business.