Simple Ways to Tone down Friction in Your Website Design

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In today’s e-Commerce era, having a website with great design and impeccable content is of the essence. If you’re a small business owner, spending hours promoting your website on multiple platforms like social media, spending funds on ads, creating your email list and much more but the traffic that you could gather, isn’t sticking.

There could be many reasons responsible. Have you thought what’d have gone wrong if things aren’t moving as expected? Why your website is not converting your prospects into subscribers? Maybe because it is not even able to welcome visitors, let alone convert them.

Let’s understand it in a different way! You want to invite your relatives from everywhere on a grand celebration that you are planning to conduct. Would you do so without making the right arrangements? Would you invite them without cleaning or renovating your house? Of course not! Same is the case with website design. No visitor can convert to sale without the right set of design, features and, interface.

What Are the Bottlenecks and How to Identify It?

Visitors are your primary concern and conversion is the preliminary goal of your website. Between your primary concern and your preliminary goal stands friction. It prevents users from accomplishing their objective, cut down on conversions and encourages them to abandon their tasks, thus leading to no conversions and adding to the bounce rate. Here are some of the frictions that are your devils:

  • Slow Loading Speed
  • Distracting Visual and Images
  • Unclear Features
  • Unwanted Actions/Information
  • Inconsistencies in the Interface
  • Confusing Navigation

Friction consists of all above-listed and much more moments that distract them and put them off. The lesser the distractions, the better the performance and lesser friction.

Ways to Prevent Friction in Your Design

Here are the methods of reducing friction cluttered all through your website:

1. Bring Balance in Visuals and Texts Exploring Other Media

Make your website a perfect blend of text and visuals. This will make your website simple when you throw in a piece of text, an image or a video to complement your products and services. What you say, you can show it also. In fact, people would rather like to see it than read it. It will not only reduce the cognitive load but will also generate a rhythm in the user’s cognizance. It’s not every time a huge chunk of text what people are looking for. Visuals can be more enticing and interactive.

2. Be Very Clear about What You Want to Convey

Place yourself in the user’s shoes and try to analyze. Would you be able to understand what your website is all about within 5-6 seconds of reviewing your landing page? Can it be simpler for your visitors? Are you going to solve the problem? You must be able to ascertain, what makes you different? This’ll that works! Add only that stuff which helps users find their goals. It could be graphics, texts, videos and the entire layout of your website.

3. Apply the Best UI Practice to Eliminate Many Steps

Remember easier and interactive your UI is, better your website will perform with least friction. Users always look for suggestions. When they land on your website, offer them a few recommendations to help them understand the navigation, reducing friction. Say for instance on Twitter and LinkedIn the signup screen is visible with the cursor activated in the first instance. This guided navigation helps your user skip few steps which they would have spent on clicking on the first field. These features help your users to make the right decision and locating the option they have been looking for to make a decision.

4. Segment Complex Text into Easy Chunks

You might want to say many things on your website. You might also have great content to explain it all. Now the right placement of your content comes to play which should not go wrong. Just make sure the web design company you hired for this purpose divides your content information into many pieces to keep if easily understandable. Instead of bombarding all the stuff in one chunk, segment it in multiple blocks. This will keep alive their interest and discretion to stay tuned to your website without getting confused entangled with loads of information. It can be possible when you deploy agency offering custom web design services.


Nonetheless, there are conspicuous developments catapulting frictionless design, completely eliminating the friction and offering a friction-free website design is still a far-fetched dream. It is always suggested to hire dedicated web designers to create a good web design. It is, therefore, necessary to tone down the friction levels. Finally, do not forget to test multiple times on various platforms to identify the friction causing components on your website. And try to keep it simple, easy and interesting.