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Chronos Agency’s Co-Founder and CEO Joshua Chin shares how email marketing is far more than the cheap tool many businesses make it out to be.

March 23, 2020—Martyn Cook had an interview with Chronos Agency’s Co-Founder and CEO Joshua Chin on his Smarter Destiny Podcast series. Email marketing still gets its fair share of doubts from many businesses, but Josh took this time to share its true value in the eCommerce scene. More on that and the evolution of email marketing in the full episode here.

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Email Marketing is Often Misunderstood

Email marketing is way more than just buying email lists and spamming random people with your marketing emails. While the whole “spray and pray” approach may seem like a quick and easy method, it is by no means the most effective.

In fact, such misuse of email marketing keeps it from truly shining as one of the most effective digital marketing tools to date. According to Josh, email marketing has loads of untapped potential and that it must be used right to really maximize each of your email’s revenue generation.

One way you can measure your email strategies’ effectiveness is by benchmarking your email marketing milestones for 2020. You can observe how your competitors may be using email marketing to give you a good idea of how they’re generating their email revenue.

But the bottom line of email marketing is engaging with your customers. Do you want to effectively convert your customers into returning customers? Then you must strengthen your customer relationships by directly communicating with them through your emails.

There’s More to Your Emails than Just Straight Up Revenue 

Let’s start with the many email marketing strategies you can use. Email marketing is as versatile as your target market is dynamic. There’s an email for just about every type of customer, and reaching out to your specific targets is what email marketing does best.

When it comes to enticing your customers, converting them, and nurturing them then look no further than email marketing. But of course, only when it’s done right can you really maximize your returns.

Some benefits Josh also talked about include driving the right traffic to your eCommerce site, reducing browse abandonment rate, and increasing your email ROI.

And how can you achieve those benefits? Some of the strategies Josh mentioned include implementing separate lead capture strategies through various channels. You can also invest in effective nurture campaigns for your customer journey. This is just scraping the tip of the email marketing iceberg!

On a more current note, we’ve seen some pretty amazing results from sending out crisis-sensitive email campaigns during the COVID-19 pandemic. When used correctly during this critical time, email marketing has paved a new inlet for retaining customers, increasing their lifetime value, and building a stronger brand tribe in the process. All the more for businesses to bounce back faster when the storm tides over!

Here’s what Josh has to say about it,

In order to be an entrepreneur, I had to be a person of value; someone who’s creating value. That’s what I believe an entrepreneur really is—someone who creates value in their community. —Joshua Chin

So What’s Next for Chronos?

There’s an upcoming podcast interview between Josh and Ramon Vela (CEO of StreetSmartVAR). The topic—The International Perspective on Brands, eCommerce, and the COVID-19 Impact.

Look forward to our coverage on that event!

By the way, did you know email marketing can become your business’ major revenue generator? Yes, it can! But only when done right. Just schedule a free 30-minute strategy call with us and let’s help your level up your email marketing and unlock its true profit potential!