Successful Contractors Benefit From Strong Online Presence

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Successful contractors are nowadays reaching their residential and even commercial customers online. Why? Because now a customer first makes a thorough research on the contractor’s website, social media, and reviews. And only then, the client will pick up the phone to call.

The online presence of your business is not convincing enough? It’s not much better than if you would be nowhere to be found online. Make sure you will not lose a lead by not having an optimized web presence like hundreds of other contractors.

Digital marketing is what you need to consider from the day one. How many contracting companies are still using old fashion way of doing business? More than you think. Statistics show that more than 50% of businesses changed their approach in acquiring and keeping new customers shifting the process to digital market. In fact, many contracting businesses don’t have a strong online presence yet and hence losing the potential leads and sales to their more advanced competitors.

The online marketing is still a deep water for many business owners, though they understand that their audience is online. In 2017 the number of Internet users grew to 74 billion. Reminding you, more than 70% of people do the online research on a company, before visiting or contacting. So how many could search for you? Already did the calculation?

So let’s make things clear on what makes up a strong online presence. Check and implement these three elements to gain your contracting business on a new level.

Is Your Website A Number One Marketing Tool?

The biggest mistake contracting companies do when they consider the read-only website with few pages will bring them leads and quality traffic. Most of small contracting businesses have a vague idea of what type of website will help them grow. Given that without the responsive and interactive interface, integrated API, website analytics, and SEO tools you might just waste your marketing budget. With this points in mind, you can see how your business benefit in the digital marketing perspective.

Quality SEO Content Needed

Saying on your website what you sell or offer is not enough. The content marketing is a fundament of your SEO. With SEO-based website content, you reach the more relevant audience, as consumers normally read few content pieces before contacting the salesperson. Small business owners prefer to personally write about themselves. However, the professional SEO copywriter can edit and enhance your brand message to get you more site traffic and potential clients.

Statistics show that more than 93% of consumers begin with a search engine, so just imagine what return your business can get with good content. Moreover, the number of B2B and B2C contracting companies that do blogging rose last year extremely. Companies that publish blog articles regularly get 3 times more traffic than those who write a blog 1 time per month.

Contractors Do Need To Go Social

Contracting businesses need to have an effective social media strategy. The main tip here is to use all social media channels, from LinkedIn to Facebook to Tumblr. Better not to ignore other social media and keep the post genuine and visually attractive. The main purpose of your social media is to engage with your community. I order to do this regularly share helpful articles and write blog posts to show your expertise. As only 32% of contracting businesses invest in social media marketing, with the right approach you can get ahead of them.

Implementing your own online marketing strategy may bring some results, but not the 100% out of your potential. A Digital Media company is the best way to professionally present your business on the wed, so trust the experts.