TDA Features: Agency Administration Panel

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One of our newest features, the Agency Administration Panel, is one we’ve been working on perfecting for a significant amount of time.

The main purpose of this feature is to give agencies full control of their agency profile, the content they publish, and any promotions on the platform ⏤ all through an easy-to-use, visually appealing interface. As an added benefit, the panel allows agencies to claim the badges they earn – but more on this later.

Agencies can publish articles and case studies, specify the exact wording, time and location of any desired promotions, and customize their profile in any way they want.

When publishing articles and case studies, the Administration Panel also offers exact guidelines for what makes a good article or case study – something we’re hoping agencies will take full advantage of whenever they decide to publish content.

The main benefit of this feature is the full customization it offers to agencies using it. Agencies no longer need to rely on us or anyone else to make their profile look good, as they will have complete control over it. This includes updating any necessary information, from their company location or average hourly rate, to the “About Us” text listed on every profile – which, should they choose, can even display pictures or embedded videos.

We hope this will motivate agencies to put in effort to ensure they stand out from the rest. The appearance of an agency profile is actually a crucial detail in the eyes of many potential clients – the more unique an agency’s profile looks, the more likely clients are to shortlist them, read their content, visit their website, and actually contact them for a project.

Another significant benefit this feature offers are the publishing guidelines integrated into it. Whenever an agency decides to publish a case study or an article, our system gives offers specific guidelines they can follow in order to make it look attractive to potential clients. Even if an agency isn’t used to publishing this type of content, following the guidelines will ensure all of their posts look clean and professional.

We’re excited to see all the creative ways agencies will use this feature, and we look forward to showcasing more of our newest features in the future.