TDA Features: Agency Analytics

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Our agency analytics page lets you keep track of the three most important analytics you may need on our platform. This feature comes as an integrated part of the Agency Administration Panel.

We decided to implement the Agency Analytics feature after realizing how useful analytics can be to agencies. While there are many benefits agencies enjoy from such features, the main benefit is the simple fact that they are able to track their progress and optimize your activity accordingly.

At any point in time, they will be able to clearly see their progress on any of these three analytics – if agencies are falling short of their targets, they’ll know when to correct their course of action.

Analytics also enables agencies to very clearly see patterns of when their promotions are having the most impact – ensuring they know what to promote at what point in time. On our platform, this will help agencies find the most efficient way to spend their TDA Coins.

Another thing agencies should consider is the fact that certain types of promotion are more effective for certain kinds of agencies than others – this is something that varies greatly by agency, and methods that produce great results for some might not be the best match for others.

If an agency takes full advantage of our analytics page, they should be able to identify the promotions that work for them, specifically.

In accordance with our philosophy, we have chosen to make this feature completely free for all the agencies registered on our site.

While this feature might seem small in comparison to others previously showcased in this series, it would be unwise to underestimate the impact it could have on an agency’s business – if they use it properly, that is.