TDA Features: Agency Listing by Latest Content

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Up until this point, agencies had the ability to promote themselves and their content simply through advertising in different directories. This ultimately resulted in a somewhat corrupt system where agencies with more money – and more willingness to spend it – had all the top positions on the listing, without any concern about the agency quality. We decided to completely change this model by implementing agency listing according to whichever agency posted the last content piece.

Essentially, when an agency is the most recent agency to upload a piece of content, such as an article or a case study, it will appear on the top of the agency profile content listing and the content itself will appear on top of the content archive of that type – at least until another agency uploads their own piece of content.

This makes it so the size of the agency’s advertising budget doesn’t matter – the consistency and quality of their publishing are the most relevant factors in deciding their position on the listing. The idea behind this is to make the system completely merit-based.

Along with top positions, TDA will likely share an agency’s content via our social media. Very frequently, we will invest a decent part of our advertising budget to promote an agency and their content.

From the agency’s perspective, that translates to a higher level of reach towards their target audience and an important third-party point of agency validation. This is extremely useful, as promoting one’s own agency and having it promoted by a third party are significantly different – the latter being justifiably seen as much more trustworthy than the former.

Our system also allows agencies to show their exact specialization by showcasing their areas of expertise. Clients can then specify the exact type of expertise needed for their project when choosing between agencies – selecting from a wide range of potential expertise. The list includes everything from digital marketing to animation or game development. The idea behind this system is that it should significantly increase an agency’s chance of finding the perfect client, and vice versa.

At TDA, we believe that this reimagining of standard agency and content listing systems will make the whole process of finding future partners significantly easier for everyone involved.