TDA Features: Agency Sponsorship Positions

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Usually, an agency would only be listed on the agency archive if it meets the search criteria set by the company doing the search. This could result in agencies with obscure types of expertise not being seen by potential clients that might not know the agency is exactly what they’re looking for. By purchasing a sponsorship position, however, an agency is able to temporarily ensure potential clients see them regardless of search criteria.

There are two possible positions an agency can buy. The first, and more obvious, is a “Featured Agency” position on our homepage. There are eight possible positions, and the agency can specify the exact position they want – or at least, as long as it isn’t already occupied by another agency.

The second position we offer is a bit less obvious to potential clients, but will still provide significant value to the agency. The position displays the agency as a “banner” on the agency archive, and will display the agency that purchased this position regardless of the search criteria set by the company. Once bought, both of these features last for a month.

The benefits of these features are numerous, but there are a few main ones worth mentioning.

The first benefit would probably be a significant increase in the agency’s profile traffic, which also leads to a proportional increase in content and website traffic. For example, if an agency is listed as “Featured” on our homepage, seeing as our homepage is the most visited page on our platform, visitors are more likely to actually click on it – leading them to the agency’s profile. If they’re more likely to get to their profile, they’re more likely to actually click on their content and visit their webpage.

The second benefit agencies enjoy is the additional boost to their reputation. Usually, agencies self-advertise via social media and other methods. This type of advertising is actually inferior to being verified by a third party. However, as third party sources are always seen as more credible. Seeing as TDA is a third-party platform, being featured on our webpage is likely to ensure an agency’s online reputation is better than it would be otherwise.

The third benefit is related to SEO. Any webpage an agency is listed on actually increases their Search Engine Optimization, as bots are more likely to find it and register it as relevant. Because of this, being featured on any part of our page boosts an agency’s SEO results by a fair margin.

Another thing worth noting is that TDA is a clearly transparent platform in which agencies are featured, and which are there due to our existing systems, and we make a significant effort to ensure clients are never confused about this. We also offer a limited amount of featured slots, to ensure agencies are primarily listed by the frequency and quality of their publishing rather than by paying to be on top.

We hope this feature is one agencies on our site will find useful. We are always looking for new ways to improve the value agencies get from using Top Digital Agency, so stay tuned for future feature showcases.