TDA Features: Case Study Verification System

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Up until this point, agency case studies would be unverified, and potential clients couldn’t tell whether what agencies were claiming was true or not. With our case study verification system, however, we can verify the truthfulness of their claims, and even have their clients review the results of their work by rating them with a score of 1 to 5.

The score the agency earns from each review is shown on the case study, and the scores of all your case studies are averaged into an agency score, which is then shown on their profile and the agency archive listing.

The main purpose of this system is agency differentiation. One of the problems that agencies might experience is that they can get lost in the sea of agencies on our platform, who, in the eyes of a client, practically look the same. By getting an agency rating, they can differentiate themselves from other agencies which either don’t have a rating, or have a rating lower than their own.

Another benefit agencies get relates to their reputation. Research has shown clients are much more trusting of other clients’ reviews than they are of a company’s own advertising. By getting an agency rating, agencies will be able to significantly improve their reputation in the eyes of future clients – if they trust in the expertise of their own work, that is.

This feature also allows us to implement additional sorting options, enabling companies to sort agencies and case studies by score. While the default method of sorting agencies is by whichever agency published the latest piece of content, should they choose the score sorting option, they will see the top-rated agencies listed first. In such situations, which are likely to be very common, agencies will greatly benefit from having a high score.

This feature’s implementation is something inspired by our philosophy of basing agencies’ success on merit rather than other factors. We hope that both agencies and companies will take full advantage of it.