TDA Features: Content Sponsorship Positions

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Usually, an agency’s content would only be seen either if someone actually searches for it, or by being the most recent piece of content of that type on the site. By sponsoring a specific piece of content, however, agencies can ensure it is listed on the top of its corresponding archive, as a separate “Featured” position. Each time they purchase this position, it lasts for a month.

Once again, this comes with many benefits for the agency. First and foremost, showcasing a specific piece of content is a great way to increase traffic not only for that content piece, but also the agency profile and even the agency’s own webpage.

For example, if an agency’s case study is listed as “Featured”, and thus the first thing visitors searching for case studies would see, they are more likely to click on it. This also makes them more likely to click on the agency profile, as the agency will be listed as the author, which in turn makes them more likely to click on their webpage link.

A second benefit is one related to an agency’s online reputation. Usually, agencies self-advertise using any tools they may have at their disposal. This type of advertising is actually inferior to actually being verified by a third party, however, as third-party sources are always seen as more credible. Seeing as TDA is a third-party platform, having their content featured on our webpage ensures their online reputation is better than it would be otherwise.

The third benefit relates to SEO. Any webpage an agency is listed on actually increases their Search Engine Optimization, as bots are more likely to find it and register it as relevant. Because of this, having their content featured on any part of our site boosts their SEO results by a fair margin – a benefit that actually increases with each piece of featured content.

Once again, it is worth noting that these featured positions are listed separately from the non-featured ones, to ensure complete transparency in the eyes of the client.

This particular feature is one we hope agencies will be able to see the value in. We’re looking forward to showcasing more of our features in the future, so stay tuned.