TDA Features: The Project System

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The hardest thing for agencies is finding new clients. Not just any clients, but the right ones. Usually, you are limited to your local market, even though you shouldn’t be. With our project proposal system, we give you the chance to offer digital services to anyone around the world.

Premium members on our platform can use TDA Coins to submit pitch applications for project proposals which are currently open. If you see your agency as the right fit for a particular project proposal, you can apply for 200 TDA Coins. Our suggestion is that you build up your profile with articles and verified case studies in order to maximize your chances of acquiring a client.

TDA is the meeting point of agencies and potential clients, so you could even consider us a marketplace. We want to transform how companies and digital agencies meet, and the heart of this concept is our project proposal system.

Premium members can access their Dashboard, scroll down to the “Project Proposal Overview,” and click on “Find New Projects.” You’ll be able to browse through project proposals which have detailed descriptions of the project, as well as any additional conditions such as language, technological expertise, and so on. Whenever you find a proposal for a project that you would really like to be a part of, or from a client that you would love to work with, you can use 200 TDA Coins to do so.


Our project proposal system is a direct way for you to acquire new clients. These clients can be from different geographical regions, industries, and lines of work. If you want to expand and diversify your portfolio, you can do so through TDA. The quality pitch applications you submit will be crucial, but having a content-rich profile significantly increases your chance of getting chosen for the job. When clients are in the process of selecting which agency to hire, the content you have produced will serve as a way of communicating your expertise, as well as strengthening your credibility.