TDA Infographic Tales: Your Digital Agency Needs a Partner to Help Deliver a Client Project


Business owners, regardless of the size of their business, will eventually need to outsource.

The reason for outsourcing will, undoubtedly, be different for each business because of the size and scope of their activities, and their industry focus. However, regardless of the reason, the solution may be difficult to find due to the complexities of the situation you may find yourself in. This series of articles will, hopefully, assist you by outlining scenarios you may recognize, and sharing potential solutions. And, if not, at least these articles share good lessons to learn in order to avoid such situations.

Your Team Is Stretched Too Thin

Imagine that you are the manager of a digital agency and you’ve taken on a huge project from a very well known client. The client has a strict timeline, and despite all your digital agency’s best efforts, you cannot meet the timeline. What would you do in this situation? Would you re-prioritize all your employees’ tasks to meet the deadline? Would you contact the client and ask for an extension? Or, would you subcontract part of the project to another digital agency in order to get the job done efficiently and effectively? Some managers would say no to this solution, mainly because of the perception that the other digital agency is actually your competition – and you wouldn’t be entirely wrong. However, this mentality generally harms business development and innovation.

Pleasing the Client

Isn’t the goal of your digital agency, in this scenario, to please the client as best possible? Wouldn’t reprioritization of employee tasks cause hiccups down the line for your digital agency? Wouldn’t asking for an extension damage the reputation you’re building with your client? So, it seems that the only option in such a scenario, for better or worse, is to cooperate and subcontract. Ultimately, it’s this solution that will please the client the most, and build a positive image of your digital agency, and the work of any business person should truly be to impart the most value to the client.

The Infographic

To more easily outline this scenario, and one way to more easily decide on the solution, we have created an infographic use case to assist you. We hope you enjoy!