TDA Weekly Content Recap – May 21st, 2021

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The work week is nearly over, but before you relax for the weekend let’s check out some of the best pieces of content created by a range of digital agencies, who specialize in different business niches, on the TDA platform.

Paint a Pretty Picture: A Look at the Use of Illustrations in Web Design and Branding

“Presented here is an overview of illustrations in web design, where we take a look at some of the ways you could use them.”


Author Agency: Embacy
Article Link: Full article here.


10 Effective Web Design Principles for Better Outcomes

Effective Web Design Principles featured image

“To get you straight to the point, you are safe if your website design fulfills the intended function i.e. by conveying the message to your website users. Here are some of the most effective web design principles you need to know.”


Author Agency: JanBask Digital Design
Article Link: Full article here.


The Agency Advantage: 5 Benefits of an Agency Treating Your Site as Their Own

“Every site needs an owner, but often an agency can fulfil that role even better than an internal hire. Here’s why the agency advantage is real…”


Author Agency: Tangent
Article Link: Full article here.


Email Marketing for Hotels: 8 Emails Your Guests Want to Read

Email Marketing for Hotels featured image

“To stand out in the sea of ​​offers and successfully run a hotel, you need an effective marketing strategy, this is why email marketing for hotels is so important.”


Author Agency: Async Labs
Article Link: Full article here.


Lead Generation Strategies for Your Business

“There are several channels and several ways to collect leads including emails, social media, blogs, and even ads and retargeting. Here are a few important lead generation strategies for your business.”


Author Agency: Pixellion
Article Link: Full article here.


We at TDA hope that you find these articles valuable, and take the advice within these articles to heart. Have a great weekend.