TDA Weekly Content Recap – May 7th, 2021

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The work week is nearly over, but before you relax for the weekend let’s check out some of the best pieces of content created by a range of digital agencies, who specialize in different business niches, on the TDA platform.

The Complete Guide on Website Redesign and Why Is It Exactly Like Going into Space

“A complete guide on how to redesign a website when you’re two hundred thousand miles away from Earth.”


Author Agency: Embacy

Article Link: Full article here.


How to Brace Cyber Security in the Era of IoT?

“With IoT devices gaining popularity, it is time to learn, how cybersecurity can help protect public information and run secure business operations.”


Author Agency: Softuvo Solutions

Article Link: Full article here.


Vietnamese Influencers in the COVID-19 Pandemic

“92% consumers believe in the recommendations from friends, families and people whom they trust more than brands’ advertisement.”


Author Agency: EloQ Communications

Article Link: Full article here.


Why Custom Website Design is a Better Option for You and Your Business

“Are you considering using a free DIY web design tool or template? Find out why custom website design is the best option for you and your business.”


Author Agency: PixoLabo

Article Link: Full article here.


Why Do You Need APIs in Mobile Application Development?

“Although we may not notice them, APIs are everywhere. They play a significant role in today’s economy and powering our lives from behind the scenes.”


Author Agency: Async Labs

Article Link: Full article here.


We at TDA hope that you find these articles valuable, and take the advice within these articles to heart. Have a great weekend.