TDA Weekly Content Recap – September 10th, 2021

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The work week is nearly over, but before you relax for the weekend let’s check out some of the best pieces of content created by a range of digital agencies, who specialize in different business niches, on the TDA platform.

Successful Content Marketing

“The art of finding and delighting the right audience.”

In business, finding your audience is everything. In content marketing, it’s figuring out how to serve them content that resonates with them. This article by Digital Guru Media shows some key points in creating an effective and valuable content marketing strategy.


Author Agency: Digital Guru Media
Article Link: Full article here.


How to Build a Brand Identity

“In our new video, we give you a unique concept and way to analyze your brand identity and to come to the story your brand is telling to the world.”

A brand identity shapes how people perceive your brand, and, because of this, is one of the most important aspects of a business. This article and video are great resources for those starting down the path to creating a truly effective and impactful brand identity.


Author Agency: Total Idea
Article Link: Full article here.


Why Is Ethereum 2.0 Crucial for the Future of the Cryptocurrency Market?

“A series of planned upgrades should address many other issues that Ethereum faces.”

2021 is clearly the year crypto went mainstream. However, not many people understand the minute differences and unique features each cryptocurrency, and blockchain, brings to the market. This article is a great resource for those who wish to understand more about Ethereum and its future.


Author Agency: Async Labs
Article Link: Full article here.


How to Develop an NFT Marketplace

“The NFT Marketplaces are now in trend, Maticz helps you Start NFT Marketplace on your desired blockchain network like Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, etc.”

Continuing with the topic of cryptocurrencies and blockchains, an also fairly new contender in the crypto space are NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). This article helps guide those tech-savvy individuals who wish to create their own NFT marketplace to creating a successful marketplace for the trade and sale of NFTs.


Author Agency: Maticz
Article Link: Full article here.


Key SaaS App Development Trends You Should Not Miss in 2021

“Gartner predicts the SaaS industry will generate $141 billion in 2022. So it is not surprising that many find the idea of building a SaaS app very lucrative.”

With the world shifting toward nearly totally remote work, SaaS firms and software are definitely in demand. This article by Codica explains which trends for SaaS development you need to know in 2021 and beyond.


Author Agency: Codica
Article Link: Full article here.


We at TDA hope that you find these articles valuable, and take the advice within these articles to heart. Have a great weekend!