TDA’s Fall 2020 Top Branding Agencies

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The home of the world’s top digital agencies ranks the best branding agencies from around the world below.

Whether you’re looking for web design agencies for a Fortune 500 company or looking for the best website design companies for small business, we’ve got you covered with this list of the top 10 from TDA.

  1. Percept Brand Design
  2. London : Los Angeles (LO:LA)
  3. id8
  4. Relevance
  5. Appetite Creative
  6. Creative Outhouse
  8. Capsule
  9. Social Gamma
  10. PixoLabo

1. Percept Brand Design

Percept Brand Design Logo - Fall 2020 Top Branding Agencies

About the agency:

Percept is an effective branding, design and creative agency in Sydney, Australia, with a focus on strategic solutions that achieve successful business results for our clients… (more)

“Using a clear typographic hierarchy and an intuitive UI, this practical website design allows the user to explore the product range more clearly and allows easy access to the e-commerce system to make purchasing swift and simple.”
Branding, Packaging & Website Design for Pet Food Products Case Study by Percept Brand Design

Percept Brand Design - Fall 2020 Top Branding AgenciesClients

Grays Online

2. London : Los Angeles The LO:LA Agency

 London : Los Angeles The (LO:LA) Agency Logo - Fall 2020 Top Branding Agencies

About the agency:

We are a modern, creative and marketing agency that specializes in helping a company’s brand engage, evolve and most importantly THRIVE… (more)

“An overhaul of their website created to feel very ‘now’ and reflecting how NOM is different, a contrast to the way things are done elsewhere.”
NOM Brand Refresh & Web Design Case Study by London : Los Angeles (The LO:LA Agency)

London : Los Angeles (The LO:LA Agency) - Fall 2020 Top Branding Agencies


Total Wine & More
Lazy Dog Cafe
Daou Vineyards
Cycle Gear

3. id8

id8 Logo - Fall 2020 Top Branding Agencies

About the agency:

id8’s purpose is to use the vehicle of design to transform the communities around us…(more)

“We created a brand strategy to identify the long term strategy the City should adopt to ensure that Canton’s new brand identity is sustainable and assists in attracting, retaining and expanding businesses in the downtown area and throughout the City.”
Canton Residents Help Shape City Brand by id8

id8 - Fall 2020 Top Branding Agencies


Carroll Management Group
Bennett International Group
BDA Yarmouth and Choate
Chabad Intown
City of Canton
City of Atlanta
Inland Market
Janus International
Kaplan Residential
McLain | Merritt Attorneys
PTI Security Systems
SAVA Senior Care
Stogner Law
The Cooper Firm
Tommy Nobis Center

4. Relevance

Relevance Logo - Fall 2020 Top Branding Agencies

About the agency:

Relevance is an independent and award-winning digital marketing agency specialised in profiling, targeting and engaging with UHNWIs for luxury brands…. (more)

“Since the new website has been built organic search traffic is up 75% and advertising costs have been reduced. Sales are up 100% YOY.”
Digital Partner for St Tropez House Case Study by Relevance

Relevance - Fall 2020 Top Branding Agencies


Knight Frank
Pastor Real Estate
CLC World
Oyster Yachts

5. Appetite Creative

Appetite Creative Logo - Fall 2020 Top Branding Agencies

About the agency:

Appetite Creative Solutions is a multi-award-winning creative technology company with a passion for bringing advertising to life and inspiring through creativity, with offices in London, Madrid and Dubai… (more)

“We transformed their website from a linear brochureware site into a site that looks great but also generates leads.”
Anyclip Website Design Case Study by Appetite Creative

Appetite Creative - Fall 2020 Top Branding Agencies


Armani Hotels
British Airways
Royal Bank of Scotland

6. Creative Outhouse

Creative Outhouse Logo - Fall 2020 Top Branding Agencies

About the agency:

Creative Outhouse is a small agency that takes even the most complex messages and turn them into powerful creative and integrated campaigns that change the way people think, feel and act.

“With our institutions failing to deliver one consistent and unified message, who can help create a unified message?  Brands.  Brands can fill the communication gap and guide people. We need direction and reassurance and brands are in a great position to give it.”
Messaging in a Crisis: Ready or Not, Here We Go Case Study by Creative Outhouse

Creative Outhouse - Fall 2020 Top Branding Agencies


State Road & Tollway Authority
Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia
Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta
CDC’s Learn the Signs. Act Early. Campaign
Food Lion Feeds
University of Alabama College of Continuing Studies
Northside Hospital
Natural Gas Association of Georgia
Georgia Department of Transportation
Georgia Conservancy
Outdoor Industry Association
ATL Transit
The Clean Air Campaign/Georgia Commute Options
CDC’s Act Against AIDS Campaign
CDC’s Take Charge. Take the Test. Campaign


RVS MEDIA Logo - Fall 2020 Top Branding Agencies

About the agency:

Based in London, RVS Media is an award-winning digital agency with a large team of experienced Magento Certified Developers, designers, strategists, project managers and digital marketeers… (more)

“Conversion Rate Improved by 105%”
CBD Armour Case Study by RVS MEDIA

RVS Media - Fall 2020 Top Branding Agencies


Temptation Gifts
Wholesale LED
Letta London
Ryan Thomas Jewellers
Skin Chemists
Donatella Balsamo
Kensington Design
CBD Armour
Limitless Home
Marco Richards
Owen Brothers Catering
Hatton Jewellers
London Hair Transplant Clinic
Fortes Clinic
London Liposuction Clinic
Honest Hemp
Global Sports Distribution

8. Capsule

Capsule Logo - Fall 2020 Top Branding Agencies

About the agency:

Putting a name to what Capsule does can be tricky. We aren’t your run-of-the-mill agency, marketing firm, or design shop. We’re an altogether different breed. Settling on a single adjective is tough when you’re always adding new notches to your creative tool belt. As soon as we master a skill, we launch back into the unknown to get started on developing the next one… (more)

“Every component of Patagonia’s process is critically assessed to ensure it preserves the human connection to the earth.”
Patagonia, Research and Packaging Design Case Study by Capsule

Capsule - Fall 2020 Top Branding Agencies


Herman Miller
Coty Beauty
Panda Express
Red Wing Shoes
General Mills
Jack Daniels
Leatherman Tools

9. Social Gamma

Social Gamma Logo - Fall 2020 Top Branding Agencies

About the agency:

Social Gamma is a dedicated international team of individuals from a variety of backgrounds and we use digital marketing strategies, graphic design and engaging copy to enhance your online presence and help you achieve your digital goals by running successful campaigns… (more)

“In today’s consumer-facing world, it is imperative to understand how to sell the brand and not the product.”
Intuitive Marketing 101 by Social Gamma

Social Gamma - Fall 2020 Top Branding Agencies


Fruit Street
Hippocrates VC
Bespoke Living Singapore

10. PixoLabo

PixoLabo Logo - Fall 2020 Top Branding Agencies

About the agency:

PixoLabo is an innovative multilingual WordPress web design lab, focused on English and Japanese web design and e-commerce solutions… (more)

“Our team would much rather spend an extra hour or two with a client at the beginning of a project. Why? Because we prefer to avoid common web design problems and instead establish a successful business website for you!”
Essential Web Design Questions Your Web Designer Will Ask by PixoLabo

PixoLabo Web Design Agency - Fall 2020 Top Branding Agencies


Alaska Ship Supply Company
2nd Watch
Portfolio Communications
Ramper Innovations
Western Marine Construction
Soha & Lang
Network Architects
Sushi Kashiba
Talent Excellence
Ecco Architecture and Design
Coach Seattle