TDA’s Fall 2020 Top Web Development Agencies

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The home of the world’s top digital agencies ranks the best web development agencies from around the world.

Whether you’re looking for web development agencies for a Fortune 500 company or looking for the best web development companies for small business, we’ve got you covered with this list of the top 10 from TDA.

  1. Fayrix
  2. London : Los Angeles (LO:LA)
  3. Aumcore
  4. Relevance
  5. Appetite Creative
  6. Softuvo Solutions
  7. Aghori Media House
  8. Concetto Labs
  9. Social Gamma
  10. PixoLabo

1. Fayrix

About the agency:

Fayrix is a specialist software development company that has successfully set the seal on over 250 projects, within the course of the last 12 years…. (more)

“Citymatica is a 360-degree Smart City solution. Its capabilities cover almost any communication and digital engagement needs a city or municipality may have.”
Smart City Platform Case Study by Fayrix


S7 Airlines
Biosense Webster Group

2. London : Los Angeles The LO:LA Agency

About the agency:

We are a modern, creative and marketing agency that specializes in helping a company’s brand engage, evolve and most importantly THRIVE… (more)

“An overhaul of their website created to feel very ‘now’ and reflecting how NOM is different, a contrast to the way things are done elsewhere.”
NOM Brand Refresh & Web Design Case Study by London : Los Angeles (The LO:LA Agency)

London : Los Angeles (The LO:LA Agency) Screenshot


Total Wine & More
Lazy Dog Cafe
Daou Vineyards
Cycle Gear

3. Aumcore

About the agency:

Complete 360° solutions leveraging this era’s leading technology and creative innovations….(more)

“First-stage companies need to learn how to adjust their strategy to be perceived as a business worth investing in amid COVID-19.” 9 Tips on How to React to Covid-19’s Impact on VC by Aumcore



4. Relevance

Relevance Logo

About the agency:

Relevance is an independent and award-winning digital marketing agency specialised in profiling, targeting and engaging with UHNWIs for luxury brands…. (more)

“Since the new website has been built organic search traffic is up 75% and advertising costs have been reduced. Sales are up 100% YOY.”
Digital Partner for St Tropez House Case Study by Relevance

Relevance Screenshot


Knight Frank
Pastor Real Estate
CLC World
Oyster Yachts

5. Appetite Creative

Appetite Creative Logo

About the agency:

Appetite Creative Solutions is a multi-award-winning creative technology company with a passion for bringing advertising to life and inspiring through creativity, with offices in London, Madrid and Dubai… (more)

“We transformed their website from a linear brochureware site into a site that looks great but also generates leads.”
Anyclip Website Design Case Study by Appetite Creative

Appetite Creative Screenshot


Armani Hotels
British Airways
Royal Bank of Scotland

6. Softuvo Solutions

About the agency:

Softuvo Solutions is a trusted technological leader that encapsulates the best of IT Services, including – Web Design and development, IT Consultancy, Digital Marketing, Web App Development, Internet of Things, Wearable Development, Hybrid Development… (more)

“SoftUvo applied strategies to overcome all obstacles and deliver a comprehensive, integrated product.”
The Lottery Lab Case Study by Softuvo Solutions


Abdelali Yamani- VYCAB
Charles Weko- The Lottery Lab
Francois Poulin- Opustime
Lana Kerr- Co2Lift and Lumisque
Kalee- Borrowmyne
Kosta Age
James Mason- Pundit Sports
Andre Alipio
Ismail Eleburuike- SchoolTry
Okan Mert Bozdogan
Christopher Wedde
Lachlan Haynes
Juan Manuel Ramirez
Mohit Rajan
Jordan Armstrong
Abhay Sharma
Ben Burgers
Teddy Leon
Alfredo Perdomo

7. Aghori Media House

About the agency:

Aghori Media House is a digital marketing agency offering content writing, web development, social media marketing, event management, and branding services… (more)

“Consider what your overall business goals are and create digital marketing goals that align with these objectives. Then, you’ll want to create customer avatars, determine which digital marketing strategies you will use, and develop a plan for implementation and measurement.” Benefits of Digital Marketing by Aghori Media House


Namah Construction Services
Samarpan Homes
Sentoza MUlitcuisine Restaurant
Event Box

8. Concetto Labs

About the agency:

Concetto Labs is a set up that has a group of professional personnel that are in sync with all new IT developments taking place and has the ability to utilize this knowledge to create software that adapts to the changing IT scenario…(more)

“The testing process is an essential part of any Software Company. A robust software product can deliver using standard testing methodologies which help to predict the timeline of the software system.”
Software Development Methodologies for 2020 by Concetto Labs


Sieva Savco
Conrad Abraham

9. Social Gamma

Social Gamma Logo

About the agency:

Social Gamma is a dedicated international team of individuals from a variety of backgrounds and we use digital marketing strategies, graphic design and engaging copy to enhance your online presence and help you achieve your digital goals by running successful campaigns… (more)

“In today’s consumer-facing world, it is imperative to understand how to sell the brand and not the product.”
Intuitive Marketing 101 by Social Gamma

Social Gamma Screenshot


Fruit Street
Hippocrates VC
Bespoke Living Singapore

10. PixoLabo

PixoLabo Logo

About the agency:

PixoLabo is an innovative multilingual WordPress web design lab, focused on English and Japanese web design and e-commerce solutions… (more)

“Our team would much rather spend an extra hour or two with a client at the beginning of a project. Why? Because we prefer to avoid common web design problems and instead establish a successful business website for you!”
Essential Web Design Questions Your Web Designer Will Ask by PixoLabo

PixoLabo Web Design Agency


Alaska Ship Supply Company
2nd Watch
Portfolio Communications
Ramper Innovations
Western Marine Construction
Soha & Lang
Network Architects
Sushi Kashiba
Talent Excellence
Ecco Architecture and Design
Coach Seattle