TDA’s Top Content Marketing Agencies Winter 2020/21

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The home of the world’s top digital agencies ranks the best content marketing agencies from around the world.

The following agencies made it into our winter 2020/21 top ten round-up of the best content marketing agencies because of their outstanding work and contribution to TDA. Read through our list to learn more about each agency, their clients, case studies and articles.

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  1. Tribe47
  2. HireInfuence
  3. London : Los Angeles
  4. 4B Marketing
  5. Async Labs
  6. The Brains
  8. Dinetix
  9. EloQ Communications
  10. Marlin Communications

1. Tribe47

About the agency:

From strategy to execution – we’ll diagnose your challenges, optimise what you have & design a funnel that turns cold prospects into devoted customers.

“Just 7 months after implementing the new funnel we designed, our client was able to scale sales by 270.06% and increase revenue by 169%”

How We Boosted Sales by 270% With Free Trial Campaigns by Tribe47


Portal Yogi
Growth Institute
CQURE Academy
BeActive TV
Raw Paleo
The RAO Institute

2. HireInfluence

About the agency:

A full-service influencer marketing agency, that specializes in transforming promotional visions into captivating digital content. We hand select influencers for each and every campaign to ensure an organic fit and authentic feeling content… (more)

“The goal is to leverage the latest advances in machine learning and data analytics to accelerate decision making, redefine the way we build marketing campaigns plus workflows, and transform the way brands court and interact with creators.”

HireInfluence Continues Growth Into 2021 With a New Look and Updated Services by HireInfluence


Warner Bros
Southwest Airlines
The WB

3. London : Los Angeles 

We are a modern, creative and marketing agency that specializes in helping a company’s brand engage, evolve and most importantly THRIVE… more

“An overhaul of their website created to feel very ‘now’ and reflecting how NOM is different, a contrast to the way things are done elsewhere.”

NOM Brand Refresh & Web Design Case Study by London : Los Angeles (The LO:LA Agency)

London : Los Angeles (The LO:LA Agency) Screenshot


Total Wine & More
Lazy Dog Cafe
Daou Vineyards
Cycle Gear

4. 4B Marketing

About the agency:

4B Marketing establishes high-touch consultative client relationships. Our focus is business outcomes, and we use go-to-market strategies, traditional and inbound marketing, and branding to attract, convert, and delight your customers (and ours).

“We had to be extremely cognizant of this 23-year-old brand to ensure we did not create confusion among customers and industry partners. We started with a purposeful strategy and timeline to modernize the brand and extend to all digital platforms as well as interior and building exterior elements.”

Branding for Zivaro by 4B Marketing


F5 Networks
Locke + Co
Next Big Crop
Team 80
Galleria… (more)

5. Async Labs

About the agency:

Async Labs is an agency that can help you make your idea happen, improve it and fuel your business. We offer you different services to skyrocket your product from zero to the finish line… (more)

“Campaigns were continuously optimized and the final results were measured in the increase of leads by 11700% in Mailchimp, where landed leads from the Human Resource Department; who were the main target in campaigns. Case Study by Async Labs


US Embassy Zagreb
Impact HUB Zagreb
Feromihin d.o.o.
Beta software d.o.o.
Beyond Seen Screen d.o.o.
Scoutone Limited
Odee London Ltd
Jump Corporation Pty Ltd
Gleep S.Z.O.O
Electrocoin d.o.o.

6. The Brains

About the agency:

The Brains is an award-winning digital marketing agency in the heart of Shoreditch. We help companies grow faster, creating targeted campaigns that match their ambitions and budgets. Our Brainy strategists are experts in all areas of online marketing, from LinkedIn advertising and email marketing to Marketing Automation, SEO and PPC… (more)

“Using a combination of SEO, digital PR and sponsored content, The Brains were able to get the company into pole position on the App store. The company was featured in the most prominent financial publications and re-shared on social media, leading many retail investors to sign-up for either free practice accounts or to commit money for management.”

Robo Advisory App Quickly Builds Market Share by The Brains


Education First
Fraser Hart


About the agency:

We’re the very first agency that integrates influencer marketing, social media, and content creation into one spot. We’re able to combine content ideas with smart targeting and leaders of communities to drive results.

“More and more brands are increasing their budget on marketing strategies that utilize Influencers, especially companies in the beauty industry, with 65% of “digital-born” consumers, or also known as Generation Z, relying on social media to discover and select beauty products”

Influencer Marketing Trends That Beauty Brands Can’t Ignore in 2021 by SKYPERRY


Max by HBO

8. Dinetix

About the agency:

Dinetix is the leading digital integration partner with expertise in the strategy, creation, and execution of advertisements that are holistically integrated on the three most influential channels: Google, YouTube, and Facebook. Our proprietary 3×3 by Dinetix™ is a process that goes beyond running ads and generating quality leads and revenue for e-learning and digital products. The heart of our process is to ultimately lift your brand’s digital authority and position your brand name within your target audience in a cost-effective way… (more)

“During the campaign period in 2019, we increased their leads by 169%. The strategic campaign resulted in accelerated sales for the company’s new and existing training programs and they achieved their ROI goals.”

Increasing Leads by 169% for an E-Learning Market Leader by Dinetix


SOMA Breath
Panache Desai
Kevin David
Eyebrow Inkstyling
Mandy Morris

9. EloQ Communications

About the agency:

Our name, short for Eloquent, describes our goal of facilitating strong, clear, and fluent communication between our clients and their stakeholders… (more)

“Customer data doesn’t just come from a good sales team. Marketers can allow customers to actively reach the brand by creating the right content with the right approach”

Pros and Cons of Working With a Content Marketing Agency by EloQ Communications


Rakuten Viber
Nok Air
Lazada Vietnam
One Championship

10. Marlin Communications

About the agency:

Marlin is a creative digital agency – a specialist in working with causes and the charities that represent them. We help charities get supporters and hang onto them. We are a Certified B-Corporation. Our work spans advertising, direct and digital marketing, and supporter relationship (loyalty program) communications. Charities offer people a way to create the world they really want. With experience, skill, and some thought, the communications that a charity develops will build and nurture a community who advocate, volunteer, and donate in order to create that world. Marlin exists to create those communications… (more)

“If you run a company and would like to deliver a quality product with the most value, encouraging your return and loyalty, you probably start your weeks by looking at metrics – pieces of measurable data that shows the changes in revenue and customer behavior. But how to use them in the most productive way?”

MS Research Australia – The May 50k by Marlin Communications


Vinnies Victoria
MS Research
Bush Heritage Australia
Prostate Cancer Foundation Australia
The Smith Family
Medecins Sans Frontieres
Caritas Australia
WWF Australia … (more)