TDA’s Top Web Development Agencies Winter 2020/21

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The home of the world’s top digital agencies ranks the best web development agencies from around the world below.

The following agencies made it into our winter 2020/21 top ten round-up of the best web development agencies because of their outstanding work and contribution to TDA. Read through our list to learn more about each agency, their clients, case studies and articles. And if your company needs to hire a top web development agency for your next project, head to our dedicated projects page to get started.

  1. Async Labs
  2. Balkan Brothers
  3. Appetite Creative
  4. Visions Design
  6. SolveIt
  7. Upplabs
  8. Blackthorn Vision
  9. The Swiss Digital
  10. Codica

1. Async Labs

About the agency:

Async Labs is an agency that can help you make your idea happen, improve it and fuel your business. We offer you different services to skyrocket your product from zero to the finish line… more

“The first stage before starting the development of the core functionalities on mobile apps for iOS & Android was the website that needed to act as a generator of early leads and signups for the service. This had to be very straightforward and simplistic in terms of UX… The goal was to make this a straightforward cyclic process and have it ready for traction generation.”

Revuto Case Study by Async Labs


US Embassy Zagreb
Impact HUB Zagreb
Feromihin d.o.o.
Beta software d.o.o.
Beyond Seen Screen d.o.o.
Scoutone Limited
Odee London Ltd
Jump Corporation Pty Ltd
Gleep S.Z.O.O
Electrocoin d.o.o.

2. Balkan Brothers

About the agency:

Our clients are the companies and startups who make the world go round – they treat diseases, move parcels, insure cars, process payments, create jobs, rent homes and publish news. Vast and complex businesses like these need digital experiences that are just as people-friendly as they are robust and scalable… more

“Wibbitz’s brand positioning is centered on the concept of “freedom to create” — meaning that by shortening the learning curve for video creation, it opens up greater possibilities and creative potential to everyone. We developed a new visual identity to embody this sense of freedom.”

Transforming the Product, Brand and Website for Wibbitz by Balkan Brothers


Progressive Insurance
Otsuka Pharmaceuticals US
Sugar CRM
Interkapital d.d.
BNP Paribas

3. Appetite Creative

Appetite Creative Logo

About the agency:

Appetite Creative Solutions is a multi-award-winning creative technology company with a passion for bringing advertising to life and inspiring through creativity, with offices in London, Madrid and Dubai… more

“We transformed their website from a linear brochureware site into a site that looks great but also generates leads.”

Anyclip Website Design Case Study by Appetite Creative

Appetite Creative Screenshot


Armani Hotels
British Airways
Royal Bank of Scotland

4. Visions Design

About the agency:

We are Visions Design, a digital agency located in Lymm, Cheshire. We look through the eyes of our clients – and their clients – to understand the business model, analyse the brand, define USPs, and set out brand claims, which are then rolled out across various channels and using different technologies… more

“After analysing the website traffic and how users interacted with the website we knew there were certain elements that had to be improved and updated. One major change we made was adding in easy to use blocks with a call to action to book a meeting.”

Moffat Case Study by Visions Design


Sextons Bakery
HBB GeoSales
Individual Living
18 The Cross
Heckburn Security
Bright Futures
Nada Architects
Kingdom of Sweets


About the agency:

We create a stable web product, which can satisfy any needs of our client, starting from startups to big companies. We use the most effective development methodology like Agile, that’s why we deliver result always in time. We care about your time and budget, using up-to-date methodologies helps us to save you both… more

“This project proves the education can and should be simple, the e-learning application could be user-friendly, and learners could communicate with experts without pain.”

E-Learning Marketplace Development by


PPC Masterminds
Polystar OSIX AB

6. SolveIt

About the agency:

SolveIt is a trusted full-service software development company oriented towards Europe and North America, offering the one-stop-shop for all your business solutions and requirements… more

“SolveIt designed a new website for “Alfa Cube” with longevity in mind, avoiding trendy design aesthetics that look dated in a year. We utilized clear graphics, already finished project photographs, and simple, reusable layouts to create a lasting and flexible aesthetic.”

Web Development for Architectural and Сonstruction Сompany by SolveIt


Burger King

7. Upplabs

About the agency:

We specialize in Fintech and Healthcare software development, managing remote teams and Digital Transformation… (more)

“If you run a company and would like to deliver a quality product with the most value, encouraging your return and loyalty, you probably start your weeks by looking at metrics – pieces of measurable data that shows the changes in revenue and customer behavior. But how to use them in the most productive way?”

Tracking and Improving Digital Product Metrics: Best Practices by Upplabs


Janie’s Cakes
Saglik Lockman
Recap Investing
Pocket Order

8. Blackthorn Vision

About the agency:

Since 2009 we’ve been assisting technology companies to build and improve their software products. We help to scale tech teams, deliver projects on time and within a budget, develop ideas from initial concepts to a final product… (more)

“You have a brilliant business idea and want to create a software product that will both improve the effectiveness of companies and people’s lives and generate high profit? Then you might consider SaaS as a revenue model.”

Key Benefits of SaaS Applications for Business Development by Blackthorn Vision


Rockwell Automation
Smart Cloud

9. The Swiss Digital

About the agency:

Swiss Digital is a UX and software development company. We develop apps, web and custom software for consumer and enterprise markets.

“The SoFlow App is a USP in the competitive scooter market. TSD took over and improved the SoFlow app with support for new products and features… Customer rating on stores increased by 60%. We introduced some innovative features.”

SoFlow – E-Scooter App by The Swiss Digital


Sika AG
Schaerer Medical AG
Helsana AG
ewb (Energie Wasser Bern)
Eurogate GmbH & Co. KGaA, KG
Primework AG
ARZ.dent GmbH
Interregionale Blutspende SRK AG
Einwohnergemeinde Zermatt (more)

10. Codica

About the agency:

Codica is a software development company building outstanding web and mobile products. We are experts in Ruby on Rails, React, Angular, Vue.js and React Native. We specialize in Marketplace solutions development, Finance & Banking, Travel, and Real estate industries. We also focus on cutting-edge Cloud/SaaS, SPA and PWA technologies.

“For this custom marketplace project, the main goal was to provide a simple, fast and free solution for easy interaction between a customer and a vendor. To achieve it, we concentrated on mobile usability and best user experience, as well as a simple design to support the functionality.”

Multi-Vendor Vehicle Marketplace by Codica



Babel Cover
Digital Village