Technology Stack for a Food Ordering Application

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We provide a food ordering app development solution for food ordering startups. Take your food business online with our food ordering app development solution.

Everything has gone online in recent times. People are choosing online shopping more. According to the current online market, the use of food ordering applications has increased after the food ordering applications. People have been ordering food online. If one wants to start a new business ordering business or bring one’s own restaurant business forward, there is a great need to develop a food ordering application. The food ordering apps IOS and Android are thus both created. The Swayam Infotech Food Ordering Platform completes where the Food Ordering app is developed in both IOS and Android. In this age of technology, everything is becoming very easy. Nowadays, in the age of smartphones, everyone is working with a click. People are using everything online. People can order food with one click through the food ordering application.

Technology is advancing so much. Many new technologies have been used in food ordering applications. Such as live tracking, you can put more than one address, you can know the status of the order, etc. Swayam Infotech is a company that builds applications and websites using existing technology. Which will affect your Food ordering business and help you to develop better than others. The following technologies are required when developing a food ordering application.

Geo Location

It is very important to know the location of an order for delivery. In the food ordering application, you can choose your address from the map shown by Google. You can also add one more address. If I select the address from the address given by Google Map, it will help in the delivery of the order and the order will be delivered on time. Nowadays any application has to be created in both Android and IOS. For Android, you need to work with Google’s location API.

Live To Track

When buying anything online, people are curious as to when the order will arrive. Currently, technology is used in which you can track your order live. You will be notified that your order has been accepted at the hotel. You will be shown the status of your order leaving the hotel and from there the delivery boy arrives at you. The Google Maps Android API for Android is available for iOS users to work on navigation. If you are creating a device location component for iOS, you need to work on the Core Location Framework.


The user orders food from the food ordering app. After placing the food order, the user is notified when the restaurant accepts the food order. When the delivery boy accepts the food and leaves the restaurant, the user gets a notification of dispatch. Then when the delivery boy comes to deliver to you, a notification goes to the user. Users can accept and confirm delivery. Here in the technology used for iOS users Apple Push notification service and for Android, it is Firebase Cloud Messaging. What is the scheduled time to receive the order, and how much is to be paid to the delivery person with the COD option who should be informed?

There is a great need for food ordering platforms nowadays. Swayam Infotech has partnered with and helped with many startups and businesses. You can contact Swayam Infotech to develop a food ordering application and website, Either for your business startup or to grow your existing business through its provided smart solutions and services.