The 5 Benefits of a Joint SEO and PPC Campaign

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With today’s complex landscape of online marketing, it is essential that you leverage all resources available when trying to generate leads and sell products.

Running an SEO campaign and a PPC campaign in tandem can be beneficial for any company. You might wonder how this is possible, given that the two strategies are very different. It’s important to remember that both of these channels can target customers at different stages of the buying process. This blog post will discuss the benefits of running both an SEO campaign and a PPC campaign together.

You will often hear the debate as to whether or not running both types of campaigns is worthwhile.

The argument you hear from the SEO crowd is that if you are ranking in the top 3, why would you need to run a pay-per-click campaign?

And the argument you hear from the PPC crowd is that if you run a PPC campaign you simply skip the line and already rank even higher than the top 3 positions.

An SEO/PPC Analogy

I often associate a PPC campaign with renting a beautiful house. You get instant access to all of the amenities without having to have built the house or putting all of the money up-front for the house.

SEO is more like buying a house or building a house yourself. It takes time, but once you buy or build a house, you own it and control it.

PPC, or ‘renting’ is mobile. You can change platforms on a whim, track results instantaneously, and it already has a track record for being successful for others.

With SEO you may very well be ‘stuck’ with a house/result you don’t like. And fixing your mistake can take a considerable amount of effort.

Both have their pros and cons, of course – but most companies focus on one and not another. In my opinion, this is a mistake.

5 Reasons Why Both Should Be Run Together

Reason 1

Running both an SEO campaign and a PPC campaign means you can target different customer groups at different times in their buying cycle.

For example, let’s say that you work for an eCommerce company selling watches. You could set up a PPC campaign to target customers who are interested in watches but not yet at the stage where they know they want to buy a watch.

And you could focus your SEO efforts on targeting high-intent search keywords like ‘best watch for $X’

Reason 2

Both channels offer complimentary benefits that can help your business succeed

PPC can be used effectively even if you do not rank for a specific keyword. Because of this, you can benefit similarly to if you were ranking high in the SERPs even if you do not. This can allow you the time to increase your rankings while also profiting.

Reason 3

Having dual campaigns will also allow you to see which channel performs better for your business, which is something that can’t be done with just one of the strategies

While you should never dump all of your money into a single advertising medium, any smart business owner will prioritize the source that provides the highest ROI. Running both PPC and SEO campaigns (and perhaps even traditional, if budget allows) will allow you to properly monitor and analyze which medium provides the highest return on your investment.

Reason 4

You can increase your visibility on the SERP

While this one seems obvious, it is often undervalued. The truth is that even if you are ranking in the top 3, or maps, or both, a paid position just provides you an additional opportunity for a user to interact with your brand rather than your competitors.

Reason 5

Your ROI will likely increase

Because of how SERP clicks are distributed you may increase your ROI even if you rank highly. This is because some people skip ads completely, some people click ads nearly exclusively, and some review both. In fact, looked precisely at this.

If you are only using one channel you are simply missing out.


With today’s complex landscape of online marketing, it is essential that you leverage all resources available when trying to generate leads and sell products – including both SEO and PPC strategies! Most PPC platforms offer significant education and in-house marketing experts to help scale your budgets on their platforms. Unfortunately, this doesn’t exist in the SEO world. If you need help with SEO, feel free to contact a company like ours, RankUp SEO, to ensure you can complement your PPC campaign.