The Art of Instagramming for Businesses

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“The importance of Instagram for your social media marketing is now obvious and using its tools is mandatory for business owners in any industry. Instagram is first of all is about visual, so when creating your profile, focus on the showcasing your services, products, employees, and office daily routine in the most appealing visual way, meanwhile concentrating on a few more important things.”

Let us guide you through some methods of how to run your Instagram business page and increase the engagement of your followers.

Engage Your Followers

Keeping the followers interested in your brand is the key to marketing and gaining more involvement from the audience. Now, most of your target audience is accessible through social media, that’s why announcing offers or promotions in your Instagram business page can keep the followers’ interest in your brand. And the more interactive content you provide, the more actively will your followers engage with your page.

Share It

As the most important is to keep interacting and stay in with your followers when someone tags you in the picture make sure to share it. This will help you in increasing loyalty and gaining more followers as they would know you can share their picture too.

Cherish Your Employees

When you ask your employees to be a part of your social media activities they feel accepted.  They can share, tag and boast the presence of your brand if they are featured on the official company page in Instagram and any other social channel.


Contest for your target audience on Instagram, that can be anything with any reward convenient for you, will help you expand your reach. The contest can be regarding a picture or a post related to your product. To have your contest run successfully use the strategical approach when creating the dedicated hashtags.