The Best Laravel CMS That You Should Know

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Laravel is a scalable PHP framework perfect for the development of innovative web projects.

Laravel is a scalable PHP framework perfect for the development of innovative web projects. Many professionals use it to build top-quality Content Management Systems. And right now, you have a chance to discover the best Laravel CMS examples and get acquainted with their main benefits.

October CMS

This is one of the most popular open-source Laravel CMS. It’s possible to upgrade its features with the help of different free plugins and modules. This platform is easy to use and manage due to its attractive and clear admin panel. Also, it’s possible to customize it if necessary.

Besides, this best Laravel CMS can boast a built-in file manager. You can use it to work with your files without leaving the browser. The platform also has a built-in IDE, which allows you to edit your CMS templates, content files, layouts, and asset files.

Additionally, October CMS supports the PHP Composer package manager. This compatibility includes different themes and plugins from the Marketplace, private repositories, and complex dependencies.


If you are looking for a simple Laravel CMS, PyroCMS may become your ideal option. This is a modular Content Management System developed with the help of Laravel 5. Nonetheless, the interesting fact is that its original version was built using CodeIgniter.

The CMS has a lot of noteworthy benefits. The main of them include a clear admin panel, support of many languages, the possibility to install different modules, plugins, and themes. In case you want to create an attractive personal page or your own blog, you should certainly pay attention to PyroCMS.

Asgard CMS

This is a relatively new Laravel CMS released in 2015. Asgard CMS has already attracted the attention of many web developers due to its numerous advantages. First of all, you’ll need to spend only up to five minutes installing it. However, consider that you’ll need to use the command line to deal with this task.

In addition, the CMS is fully modular and supports a variety of languages. Many specialists also admit its friendly UI and responsive design. Finally, you can develop a site on Asgard CMS within several days, which is great news for anyone who wants to launch their online project as soon as possible.


Many web developers consider Lavalite to be the best Laravel CMS. However, it’s important to admit that it’s primarily aimed at professionals but not at ordinary users. This is an advanced open-source CMS powered by Sentry and Laravel 5.

Lavalife offers everything necessary to the successful and flawless web development process, including file manager, different themes, etc. Using this Laravel CMS, you can develop a responsive website as well as customize it thanks to an impressive number of foreground templates. Plus, it’s possible to install additional free packages to expand the variety of features on your site.

Statamic CMS

Last but not least, this modern PHP CMS can please both web developers and users of the websites. It has an easy-to-use and responsive control panel. You will be able to update it even using only your mobile device.

It’s important to admit that, unlike the majority of ordinary CMS, this Laravel based CMS doesn’t use a database. Thus, it offers faster page loads and better security because there is no risk of a MySQL injection attack on the website developed with Statamic CMS.

Other benefits of this platform include well-written documentation, a friendly community, an advanced Version Control system, and support from the creators. Plus, you can visit a marketplace to get acquainted with various commercial and free add-ons.