The Best Local SEO Marketing Strategies

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Over the past years, SEO has changed quite rapidly.  You can never guess when Google will introduce some new features on its SERPs for local businesses.

If you own a business then you must be familiar with the importance of local Google search engine optimization (SEO). The fact that Google algorithms prioritize hyper-local results makes focusing on SEO strategies a must for your marketing.

Incorporating the best strategies in marketing your business will make sure that your brand and services are marketed locally to bring you more leads and customers. Optimizing your business for local SEO will simply mean that you and your business website will be generating more leads, traffic, and conversions. Using the most perfect and relevant strategies you’ll be able to battle against the most effective national brands that have unlimited resources to spend.

Listed below are the best and more effective local SEO marketing strategies that one can incorporate to blow themselves out of the water.

Claim Your Local Business Listing

After a certain period of time, your business will start creating a listing and oftentimes a number of duplicate listings are created. It is crucial for any business owner to rectify the listings under the business name and get any duplicate listings removed. Also, make sure that all the provided information in your listings is correct and up-to-date.

Create a Responsive and Fast Mobile Friendly Website

This necessarily doesn’t have to come under local SEO strategies, but having a mobile-optimized website in this era is critical. This only ensures that your business shows up in the search engine results, but it also makes your website visitors happy resulting in more traffic and conversions. Any local business owner must know that optimizing your website for mobile plays a crucial role in local SEO to market your business by proving better user experience.

Add Location Pages to Your Website

If you want your business website to pop-up in the search results than you need to add a location to your website pages. Search engines crawl up your sites and find the most similar-looking match to provide as a result on the search engine result page. By adding a location to your specific landing pages for each of your business location, you will make it easy for a search engines to locate your listing and deliver exact location to the finder.

Don’t forget to include your room number along with the street and avenue, written in full. The presentation of your information on your listing pages is what users see and determine your business.

Ask Your Customers to Leave Online Reviews

We know, getting online reviews can be one of the trickiest parts, but do whatever it takes to get an online customer review from your top clients. A shocking of almost 97% of people first read online reviews of businesses to make their choice. You need to figure out an easy way for your customers to give review of your services. Not only these online reviews and ratings influence the consumer, but they also affect your local search engine rankings.

Make Use of Your Social Media Platforms

Use your social media platforms to stay in the eyes of your audience. Having a great influence on social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube will give your business the chance to shine in a search engine.

Incorporate Local SEO as a Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Over the past years, SEO has changed quite rapidly and you can never guess when Google will introduce some new features on its SERPs for local businesses. If you want your business to top the search results then follow these essential top marketing strategies for local business.