The Best Software Development Companies in the World | 2021-2022

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The Best Software Development Companies in the World | 2021-2022

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Are you looking for the best software development company in the world? We know who are the best software developers to provide custom software for companies of all sizes.

If there is one thing that your business needs for efficient work, it is a customized software solution. However, it’s not possible to choose among the variety of software development companies and decide which one is capable of delivering a top-notch product. A software development company needs to have a range of qualities and features needed for your product’s needs. But most importantly, it needs to keep track of emerging technologies and platforms that appear in the software industry every day.

Based on these critical factors, we researched the topic and collected the list of best custom software development companies that provide embedded software quality control services worldwide.

Top Software Development Companies in the World

1. Classification for Software Development Company

We can divide the software development providers into five distinct categories:

  1. Large enterprise-sized market players
  2. Mid-level companies
  3. Small software companies
  4. Freelancers and startup companies
  5. Low-rank opportunists

2. Top-5 Development Companies in the Us

To help you in search of the best software development companies in the US, we have created a list of the best companies, so it could be easy to search and analyze how many features fit your requirements:

  1. ClearSummit is a mobile app, web development, and custom software engineering company founded in 2014. Based in Virginia and Los Angeles, the team specializes in building digital solutions that effectively serve funded startups of all sizes and corporate clients.
  2. UppLabs is FinTech, Healthcare, and Real Estate software development company specializing in Digital Transformation and remote teams’ management. The company helps startups and businesses with their technical challenges from ideation to project release. They are №1 among Mobile Web Development companies in New York.
  3. Itransition is in the ratings of the best companies with multiple offices in the US, UK, EU. The company helps power enterprises and SMBs globally with their digital solutions in business process automation, AI, data analytics, customer experience, and others.
  4. Sidebench is a strategy, and consultancy company with a headquarter in Los Angeles. Founded in 2012, the company’s delivery team uses a UX-first approach and provides app and web development, UX/UI, web design, and app testing.
  5. Simform is a custom software development company that helps organizations from startups, Fortune 500 companies and WHO-backed NGOs. Founded in 2010, the company delivers digital solutions and provides artificial intelligence services, API integration, a dedicated development team, and testing services.

3. Top-5 Development Companies in the European Union

Among the best software development companies in the European Union are:

  1. Cegeka is one of the leading European development companies with HQ in Belgium, and offices in Austria, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherland, and Romania. Their areas of expertise include Cloud Consulting, CRM Consulting, IT managed services, and Blockchain.
  2. Skelia is a well-known leader in building cross-border IT and engineering organizations and affiliate companies in Eastern Europe. They are known for maintaining staff augmentation services to companies – from startups to Fortune 500 companies.
  3. IIH Global is one of the best website design and development companies in London, Manchester, UK. The company provides end-to-end development and design services for websites and mobile applications and offers project services, IoT solutions, AR and VR, and AI.
  4. DCSL Guidesmiths is a European development company with additional engineering centers in London, Manchester, England, and Madrid, Spain. The team is experienced in providing custom software, mobile application, and web development services to diverse clients.
  5. Front IT is among the best information service and technology companies based in Vilnius, Lithuania. Their areas of expertise are custom software development projects, e-commerce, and web development in the IT, retail, and e-commerce industries.

4. Top-5 Development Companies in Ukraine

The IT market of Ukraine annually shows a stable growth of 20-30%, and the revenue of domestic companies in this sector is growing 4-5 times faster than the world average rate. Naturally, the growth of investments in Ukrainian IT companies shows stable dynamics – an annual increase of one and a half times.

Among the biggest, most successful, and profitable Ukrainian IT companies are:

  1. N-IX is one of the leading software development outsourcing service providers in Europe. The company was founded in 2012. In addition to software development and gaming, N-iX offers customers the product of mobile applications, SAP consulting, software testing services, cloud service. Today, N-iX customers are representatives of 21 countries.
  2. SoftServe is one of the leading IT development companies, which is engaged in consulting and offers services in digital technologies, healthcare, retail, and financial services.
    The company was founded in 1993. In addition to software development, SoftServe provides a wide range of services in such areas as cloud technology, artificial intelligence, big data, service design, cybersecurity, digital platforms, robotics.
  3. Infopulse another popular IT company in Ukraine, providing services for various IT operations, and information security.
    In the IT market, Infopulse offers engineering services, Microsoft services and consulting, infrastructure and cloud services, information security, and SAP services. Among the latest, the company provides blockchain services for businesses and startups and robotic process automation.
  4. UppLabs is a FinTech solution provider and development company with a particular focus on Lending Tech. The company was founded in 2014 and was featured among the Top Ukraine Custom Software Development Companies. It is the first company that has created its reusable solutions to develop custom finance software more quickly and efficiently.
    The company has seven solid years of experience on the global market, with more than 1000+ successful deployments of our out-of-box solutions, 150+ deployed projects, and 50+ successful setups of dedicated development teams projects behind their back.
  5. Intellias is one of the biggest software development companies in Ukraine. The company was founded in 2002. The focus of Intellias is on the automotive industry, retail, Fintech, and telecommunications. The company is also one of the leaders in the development of artificial intelligence.

5. Top-3 Best Offshore Development Companies

The offshore development companies usually provide outsourcing tasks to a third-party software agency or developers. Among the best companies of this type, we can name:

  1. Admios is an experienced offshore software development company based in San Francisco that drives new product growth and technology initiatives in various industries.
  2. A3Logics is one of the leading offshore development companies that help their clients & partners compete effectively by leveraging technology and provide innovative business solutions.
  3. Itexus is a full-cycle offshore custom software development agency and digital transformation consultancy company that is proficient in developing web and mobile solutions for midsize companies, startups, and large enterprises.

6. Top-3 Best Fintech Development Companies

Among the best leading Fintech development companies we can name:

  1. UppLabs is among the Top Fintech App Development Companies. The company is a FinTech solution provider and software development company with a particular focus on Lending Tech. It is the first company that has created its reusable solutions to develop custom finance project more quickly and efficiently.
  2. Belatrix is a Fintech software development company and among the leaders that positions itself as an innovator in its sphere. The best services of company’s Fintech software development include cloud technology, UI engineering, and Agile testing.
  3. Intellectsoft hits the best ratings on the Top Financial Services Custom Software Development companies. As a fintech software development company, Intellectsoft maintains the facilitation of operations management and includes cloud technologies as digital wallets, secure trading, payment processing, cross-border transactions, and lending.

7. Top-3 Best Healthcare Development Companies

The list of the best healthcare development companies contains such names as:

  1. UppLabs is a Healthcare software development company and is among Top 20 Healthcare app developers in Israel. UppLabs is proficient in creating innovative, reliable, secure, and sophisticated healthcare products. For more than 7 years the company has been providing modern and fast solutions to deal with online analysis, complex system integrations (including LEADTOOLS), digital transformation, HIPAA-compliant healthcare web & mobile app development, VR, and AI, and robotic process automation (RPA).
  2. Athenahealth, Inc. is a network-enabled healthcare software and services provider. The company’s target audiences are medical groups and health systems. They have also launched such solutions as athenaTelehealth. It helps healthcare providers to conduct telemedicine visits with their patients.
  3. Tempus is an American healthcare technology company that enables physicians to conduct real-time decisions, get personalized care, and search therapies for patients with the help of an analytical ML platform that uses the power of artificial intelligence in healthcare.

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