The Customer-Driven Playbook

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We are extremely interested in our customers. By identifying the customer, you can ensure the team has a shared understanding of whom you’re targeting. More on the topic is written in the Customer-Driven Playbook by Jessica Rich that we are going to share with you today.

The author suggests that “customers don’t simply use products, they hire products to complete a job for them”. We selected the key points of the playbook for you:

  • To remain objective about your assumptions, write hypotheses that can be tested with customer feedback.
  • Each stage of the Hypothesis Progression Framework includes a hypothesis template that helps you formulate your assumptions into hypotheses. Each template is composed of parameters; some are shared throughout the framework, while others are unique to a specific stage.
  • The job-to-be-done parameter, shared throughout the framework, is inspired by Clayton Christensen’s Job Theory.
  • An invalidated hypothesis is just as valuable as one that has been validated. They prevent you from making costly mistakes or heading in the wrong direction.
  • Writing hypotheses and validating them with customer data is about reducing risk in your product decision-making.  By doing this, you can increase your confidence that you’re heading in the right direction.
  • Hypotheses should be specific. Including characteristics like the type of customer, tasks, and frustrations will give you specific details that can help you make informed decisions.
  • You need to separate the person from the behavior you’re trying to observe.
  • Your hypotheses should have measurable criteria so that they can be effectively tested.
  • A great hypothesis focuses on the customer’s limitations, not your own. It’s important that you don’t inject your technical or political limitations into the customer’s experience.

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