The Customer Experience: How to Nature Customers like a Master

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Always remember that the goal isn’t to retain and expand customers. It’s to help your customers get the most out of your product.

This picks up on mastering your onboard journey, and today we are gonna talk about how to ensure that your customers cling on to you and your processes? This process expands beyond offering support and understanding your customers’ needs or pain points. This is done in two ways:

  1. By monitoring your customer’s health signals
  2. By directly reaching out to your customers with value-added messaging and support.

Wait, How?

This is where your support team plays a huge role, track the trends of the submitted tickets and study the flow,  this helps you reduce the number of incoming tickets by simply closing the gaps on areas with most issues. Don’t have a ticketing approach? Do this by tracking and studying your customers’ behavior on your platform or generally website through innovative tools. Still on a different bracket? Send out customer surveys, the clues are everywhere and always accessible, the key is to use these clues and signals to add unexpected value to your customers, make them smile.

Here is a small list of things you can do to nature the experience.

Observe How Your Customers Use Your Services and Products

Check how your customers are using your product, did they sign up for that gym subscription and haven’t shown up after 3 weeks? Send them a kindly reminder to see if they need any help with the services or if the timing doesn’t sync with their schedule.

Demonstrate the Benefits and Values

Are your customers taking full advantage of your products and services potential? Do they know that your gym subscription comes with a weekly five-hour free city-bicycle subscription to help them move around more efficiently? I bet they’d be thrilled to learn that by using bikes they’d be burning more calories while running their errands and keeping the environment clean.

Remind Your Customers of the Benefits and Value-Added Tricks of Your Product

It is okay to remind them, probably because your customers may have a lot going on in their daily schedules and some might even forget about the benefits your package has to offer. So send them a weekly newsletter reminder of how to take full advantage of your products’ capabilities. It will also remind them of how much value they get for choosing you over your competitors and how much you care that they get full value out of their pay.

The key goal behind all these is to discover unique ways to continue bringing additional and innovative value to the market. So remember not to push your customers so hard, avoid offering things they don’t necessarily need, and lastly don’t be salesy.

“Always remember that the goal isn’t to retain and expand customers. It’s to help your customers get the most out of your product.”

All of these interactions contribute to your customers’ experience, and their success with your product, by keenly and creatively designing every touchpoint, you add value beyond the product itself—by delivering an experience that is beyond your customer expectations which will set you apart from the competition.