The Digital Community Era: 7 Vital Social Media Trends for 2023

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Brands are recognising the importance of forming connections with their consumers on a more personal level.

Brands are recognising the importance of forming connections with their consumers on a more personal level. By providing a unique and engaging user experience, those consumers are likely to make a purchase or revisit the brand’s platforms over and over again.

Leveraging social media is a great way to connect with consumers because it’s a personable channel that most people have nowadays. Whether that’s just a Facebook profile or an online presence across multiple platforms.

Any brand can benefit from utilising social media this year for connecting with their target audience and helping convert leads. Here are seven vital social media trends to look out for in 2023.

How social media is changing

The world of social media has certainly changed over the past decade. Platforms like Facebook, MySpace, and MSN reigned supreme until newer platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and Tiktok entered the chat.

As a result, a lot has changed in social media, especially when it comes to the number of individuals online and what types of content are engaged with mostly now. As of 2021, there were 3.78 billion social media users worldwide. This is a 32.2% jump in just five years!

Consumers are now using social media to shop and to be influenced to buy products and services. 54% of social browsers use social media to research products and 49% of consumers will depend on the recommendations of influencers on social media to make a purchase decision.

Social media is being used beyond its original purpose which was to keep in touch with family and friends. Now it’s a multi-purpose platform that connects the world with just one click. These social media statistics for 2023 are just a small example of how the social media world is changing.

7 vital social media trends for 2023

Social media is just one area of the digital world that continues to change rapidly and it’s why trends are changing quite quickly year in and year out. Here are seven vital social media trends to watch out for in 2023.

1.  Tiktok will continue to dominate the social media market

Tiktok is one platform that really took the world by force during the pandemic and you could say that it was the perfect storm. It came at just the right time to keep people entertained and more importantly, connected with the outside world.

In 2017, Tiktok had 65 million profiles and as of 2021, it now has one billion users. The revenue that this platform creates is rising too. In 2019, the platform made just shy of £300 million and in 2021, it rocketed its revenue to nearly £1.6 billion.

It’s very apparent that Tiktok is continuing to dominate the market as a newcomer to social media and therefore should be used.

2.  Buying directly on social media

Another social media perk is the opportunity to buy via the platforms themselves. Many eCommerce businesses are taking advantage of the fact that social media platforms are incorporating features that help them sell to their consumers.

Being able to easily purchase a product via social media is becoming a preferred method of online shopping. With researchers forecasting e-sales to exceed $735 billion by 2023, it’s worth implementing for brands selling online.

3.  User-generated content is beneficial for brands to sell products

Consumers want to feel connected to the brands they shop with and that’s why many businesses online are making use of user-generated content. Most of the time, users will be happy to allow a brand to publish their photo or video content.

When it comes to social media trends for businesses, this is one to make use of, especially if you’re a small business with limited advertising and marketing budgets.

4.  Short-form videos will be a popular content choice

It’s proven that video content is one of the most engaging forms of social media. YouTube is a prime example of that, as well as more recently video platforms like Tiktok. However, other platforms are adopting this video content, particularly short-form videos.

According to Colormatics, the average consumer spends 40 mins a day watching YouTube. Whilst that’s a short amount of time, it can be advantageous to fill those minutes with short videos.

Many social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are adding in short video features such as Facebook Stories, Instagram IGTV, and Reels. For businesses, Colormatics mentioned 68% of people will happily engage with a business video if it’s under a minute.

5.  Influencer marketing continues to grow

Influencer marketing is continuing to have an impact on consumers and what they buy online, which is why brands must continue to work with influencers in 2023.

If you’re a fashion brand, then incorporating influencer marketing in your fashion social media strategy is a must.

6.  Social media stories may outperform feeds

Social media stories, as mentioned above, are likely to outperform feeds. Social Insider found that bigger accounts with over 100,000 followers have doubled the average number of stories posted per month on Instagram.

With many of the other social media platforms introducing stories to the channel, it’s worth making use of this as a brand.

7.  Virtual realities and live-streaming provide more interactivity with users

As far as social media trends for 2023 go, there are a lot more live-streaming events and interactions taking place that help connect with the consumers in a real-time setting.

Technologies like virtual reality and augmented reality are seeping into social media channels too with Snapchat being a leader of augmented reality for fashion.

Tips on how brands can leverage social media in 2023

These social media marketing predictions are something that your brand can implement in 2023. So how can you use these trends to leverage your social media this year?

Lay out your goals and objectives for the year

Ask yourself what your goals and objectives are for the year ahead. This will help provide some structure to any social media strategy you implement. It can also give your business a sense of direction.

Know who and where your target audience is

Knowing your audience is critical for your performance on social media. Do the research to define your target audience and to identify what platforms your audience is on.

Craft good, quality content for all platforms you’re on

Quality is key for social media content, so concentrate on creating the very best content for your platforms, otherwise, they may end up getting less engagement as a result.

Review and analyse your content performance regularly

Don’t forget to review the content you put out there and how your consumers are engaging with it. After all, you don’t want to waste money on social media strategies that aren’t providing results.

It can benefit your business to make use of these social media tips in 2023, especially when it comes to your relationships with consumers. The last decade has proven that social media is constantly changing and who knows what platforms will be born this year and beyond.

Natalie Redman is an experienced freelance copywriter. She works for Appnova, an integrated creative web agency in London, specialising in providing fashion brand marketing strategy for its clients across the globe.